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Sun Salutation Variation

Since January 1st I have been practicing these sun salutations every day.  They have made my whole body stronger.  I hope you find this a valuable resource.



Space: The Final Frontier

space-wallpapers-1When I teach a yoga class I invite the students into a pose.  After several breaths I ask the students to go deeper into the pose to see if there is more space available now that they’ve been in the pose for a while.  It’s interesting to me how in my own practice more space comes into my body once I’ve been still for a breath or two.

We, as humans, don’t often think about exploring space through being or stillness.  We are such movers and shakers and slowing down seems almost painful at times.  At least it does for me.

This morning, during my journaling, I asked this question to Guidance.  Can you talk to me about my finances?

Here is their response:

Yes, my Child.  I can sense that you are questing/questioning your own knowing.  Understand that you are healed.  (They are referring to the healing I received during the writing Claiming My Divine Inheritance blog post.  After writing that I felt as if all the holes that were leaking from the bowl that is my belly were sealed up.)  Your vessel has been healed.  Everything will come to you in Divine Time.  Your “order” (for increasing your financial prosperity) has been placed and your waitress is giving the chef time to finish up your meal.  You don’t want the dish to be over cooked or undercooked do you?  Of course not!  Be patient just a little while longer.  Enjoy the wait as it will be worth it.

You humans have little patience for waiting.  Think of waiting as a gestation period or “space” for your self to grow.  Some times that waiting “space” is for you to rest (as in your case).  Sometimes that waiting space is for growing you deeper into yourself.  We know that you are “doing” peoples.  We invite you to be still in this space.  For in this space you will find your self Full-Fill-ed.  

They referred to me questioning my own knowing.  What I know is that I am healed.  I can feel it in my belly.  I didn’t realize I had these energetic holes in my belly until after I wrote that piece and I felt the change in my body.  I have always been a doer when it comes to making money.  Aren’t we all?  I have been self employed for many years and to make money you have to do.  Right?  No.  That’s not the only piece of the pie.  I need to create space for more prosperity to become available me.  I do that in stillness.  That is very hard for such a doer as I.

In the mean time Guidance encouraged me to relax, read a book, take a walk in nature, and enjoy the the wait.


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I Changed Through BreathWalk


This morning I awoke with a bad case of sad.  I lingered awhile in it and tried to figure out why I was sad.  Nothing significant came to me and then I realized trying to “figure it out” wasn’t the best course of action I could take.  I tried to work the sad out in my yoga practice and it still hung on tightly.  It wasn’t until I went for my morning walk that things started to clear.  I usually call a friend and chat when I walk in the mornings but I knew that this morning I needed to do something different.  I changed my regular walk into a breathwalk and that was the magic bullet that shifted my mood.

“In addition to every benefit of aerobic exercise, Breathwalk gives you choice. Choice over mood. Choice over energy level. Choice over mental state.”

I’m glad I remembered this yogic tool.  I’m also glad I made the choice to use it.  We can have access to all the tools in the world but if we don’t choose to use them . . . 😦



I Had A Dream . . .



It all started with a dream.  I was protecting a girlfriend who was being harassed by some guy.  For some reason this guy was naked.  Next thing I know I’m twisting this guy’s penis until it snaps.  In the dream I’m appalled by what I’ve done but a little proud that I stuck up for my friend.  I called a friend of mine the next morning who is really great at dream interpretation.  She said that I am angry with the masculine part of self. . .  You don’t say?

I few days earlier I had re-injured my lower back holding a yoga pose too long.  I was attempting to build up my core strength to help my lower back become stronger.  I actually created the exact opposite of what I intended by not listening to the female (intuitive) part of myself.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in battle with those two parts of self.  The feminine part of me is very supportive and gentle.  The masculine is constantly trying to push me further and further faster and faster.  Even though I am very intuitive I often listen to that part of myself which is pushy and impatient and very hard on me.

I was teaching a yoga class the other day when I asked the students what they wanted to focus their practice on.  Most of the group had lower back and hip issues.  I was telling them that the lower back relates to feeling supported in life, whether that be emotional, financial, environmental, and so on.  After class one of those students came up to me and asked could that also mean that they were not supporting themselves?  Indeed!

I have struggled with why I have continued back issues when i do feel supported in so many ways.  This morning I recalled that students question.  I have not been emotionally supporting myself by being gentle with me.  I have been very hard on myself all my life.  I have a drive to be better than I am.  Now that is not a bad quality to have.  Yet at the same time mine has been very out of balance.  I have used that quality to beat myself up, tell myself I’m not good enough, and thus, have continued back problems.

I am so ready to be gentle with myself.  I am ready to hear the soft voice of the feminine.  My masculine voice is a very loud, belligerent bully, very much like my father.  But that is a story for another day . . .


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Sugar Free Me!

SugarFreeToday I begin my Sugar Free Me! journey  The goal is to cut most sugars from my diet.  This would include all sugar made from cane or beets or corn, etc.  The first 7 days I will also exclude all sugars including fruits.  After 7 days I will bring back some of the healthy sugars to see how my body responds to each.   These would include maple syrup & honey.

The reason I decided to go this route is two-fold.  One, I can be a bit on the hypoglycemic end of the spectrum and sugar triggers my symptoms.  Two, I am going through the process leading up to menopause and I’ve discovered that sugar increases my hot flashes.  You can find out more about that here.

My biggest challenge may be chocolate bars.  Even though I tend to choose organic fair trade dark chocolate there is usually cane sugar included in the mix.

I’ve decided to add a Kundalini Yoga Kriya for the liver for the first 7 days as well.  You can find it here.  This will help my body through the detox process.

I’ll keep you up to date as the days go on.

Blessed Be!