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The New Path

IMG_3103Today, as I was hiking in the woods I decided to take a trail I had never been on before.  There is always something a bit unnerving about exploring a new trail in the woods.  You don’t know what to expect or even where the trail will lead.  I thought that was a perfect metaphor for life, at least my own.  There are so many times that I continue to travel the same old comfortable trails because it is safe.  It is always exciting when I have the courage to take a new path.

On this same journey I encountered a young deer.  We stood and looked at one another for the longest time.  I kept myself as still as I could manage.  I was aware of how I wanted to fidget and move and just continue walking even though I was blessed with this opportunity to commune with this gentle creature.  I was imagining that the deer and I were deep conversation with one another when I noticed it craning its neck to look behind me.  I thought it was another walker out in the woods enjoying the fall day.  When I turned to see what it was I saw another deer only a few feet behind me on the trail.  As soon as I turned both deer bounded away. . .

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Wondering if I’m lost or if I’m found?

Found more likely

as more and more light shines forth

with each seed planted in my heart

I Am . . .

A Mother, Artist, Teacher, Healer, Friend

The labels we put on ourselves help us to divine (meant to use define) ourselves.  Yet those labels are not who we really are.  Check out this message from my Spirit Guide Grandfather on I Am.


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Sh*t Happens




This morning while in the tub I was reaching for my homemade body scrub when it slipped out of my hands.  The jar was oily and there really wasn’t anything I could do to stop it from dropping into the tub with me.  The jar tipped upside down and dumped half its contents into the bottom of the tub.  What remained was flooded with bath water.  Normally these kind of situations upset me greatly and I would then proceed to go down trails trying to figure out the deeper meaning of the “accident”.  When I spend so much time processing the meaning of each and any unpleasant incident in my life I am no longer in the present moment.  Sometimes shit just happens.

If I had been paying closer attention would the jar have slipped?  I will never know.  The gift of this experience was that I simply moved on.  I didn’t get upset or go into process about it.  I enjoyed the rest of my tub and proceeded with my morning. . .

Creativity vs. Spirituality: Is There a Difference?

d65be175-d16a-49e7-ae4f-51dcd5d73d0f_zps255ae01eI was reflecting on the topic this morning of how painting is my church.  The act of creating something connects me to Source like nothing else can.  That got me thinking on how all acts of creativity can be spiritual but not always are.  When I cook and I am not present I am no longer connected to my Self and therefore my Source.

When I paint I am so excited to see how the paint is going to lay on the canvas and how the colors are going to meld together that I am mindful of every brush stroke.  I paint very intuitively.  I really have no idea what I am doing.  It is a total act of trust and allowing.  Being in that Divine Flow lifts me to a state of Ecstasy that I am unable to get to while practicing mundane chores like folding the laundry.  I know that it is possible to bring that Ecstasy into these tasks but I haven’t gotten there yet.

I am excited by this train of thought because it helps me to see how so much of my life is a creative act and therefore am connecting to my Source more than I even realize.  When I cook and eat mindfully I connect to Source.   When I dance and walk in the sunlight mindfully I connect to Source.  When I practice yoga and take photos mindfully I connect to Source.  The key for me is to remember these things.  To bring mindfulness to everything I do will deepen my connection to Source.  Even folding the laundry is a spiritual experience once I bring mindfulness to it.

Della McGee

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Notes to Self – The Silver Surfer

I’m finding it hard to get grounded in the energies that are bombarding us these days.  We have solar flares and polar shifts, earth quakes and tsunami’s.  So much is happening that it is hard to keep our balance through it all.  The old way of grounding our self is no longer working.  We can’t just plunge our energetic roots down into the Earth any more and expect to stay there.  She is shifting and changing.  Until She settles we have to ground in a new way, within our own being.

As I was on my walk today I was given this image of the Silver Surfer.  A surfer rides the waves as gracefully as possible.  If a surfer falls down they get back up and surf the next wave.  As Silver Surfers we ride the cosmic waves.  Instead of being drowned by the energies that are assailing us we find balance within ourselves.  That tuning in to our inner knowing is what keeps us on top of the wave instead of under them.

How do we do this?  A daily spiritual practice is key.  That could be as simple as a daily walk in nature connecting to the Mother Earth.  It could be several minutes or hours of meditation a day.  A daily yoga practice works wonders to connect to oneself.  Every person has their own way of connecting that makes sense for them.  The key is to do it.  That is why it we call it a practice.

Stop judging ourselves NOW!  When we judge ourselves for not being able to “get it” or “understand it” whatever “it” is we get pulled under the waves.  Sometimes not “getting it” is the right action.  Sometimes we just need to take a nap before we move on to the next thing in our day.  Why not let napping be part of your spiritual practice?

A nap a day . . . . . . only to be taken without guilt.