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turkeysI love my morning walks.  Where I live here in Minnesota nature abounds.  I believe everything I see on my sojourns has a potential message for me.  This one was a reminder that I live in an abundant Universe.


Space: The Final Frontier

space-wallpapers-1When I teach a yoga class I invite the students into a pose.  After several breaths I ask the students to go deeper into the pose to see if there is more space available now that they’ve been in the pose for a while.  It’s interesting to me how in my own practice more space comes into my body once I’ve been still for a breath or two.

We, as humans, don’t often think about exploring space through being or stillness.  We are such movers and shakers and slowing down seems almost painful at times.  At least it does for me.

This morning, during my journaling, I asked this question to Guidance.  Can you talk to me about my finances?

Here is their response:

Yes, my Child.  I can sense that you are questing/questioning your own knowing.  Understand that you are healed.  (They are referring to the healing I received during the writing Claiming My Divine Inheritance blog post.  After writing that I felt as if all the holes that were leaking from the bowl that is my belly were sealed up.)  Your vessel has been healed.  Everything will come to you in Divine Time.  Your “order” (for increasing your financial prosperity) has been placed and your waitress is giving the chef time to finish up your meal.  You don’t want the dish to be over cooked or undercooked do you?  Of course not!  Be patient just a little while longer.  Enjoy the wait as it will be worth it.

You humans have little patience for waiting.  Think of waiting as a gestation period or “space” for your self to grow.  Some times that waiting “space” is for you to rest (as in your case).  Sometimes that waiting space is for growing you deeper into yourself.  We know that you are “doing” peoples.  We invite you to be still in this space.  For in this space you will find your self Full-Fill-ed.  

They referred to me questioning my own knowing.  What I know is that I am healed.  I can feel it in my belly.  I didn’t realize I had these energetic holes in my belly until after I wrote that piece and I felt the change in my body.  I have always been a doer when it comes to making money.  Aren’t we all?  I have been self employed for many years and to make money you have to do.  Right?  No.  That’s not the only piece of the pie.  I need to create space for more prosperity to become available me.  I do that in stillness.  That is very hard for such a doer as I.

In the mean time Guidance encouraged me to relax, read a book, take a walk in nature, and enjoy the the wait.


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Claiming My Divine Inheritence

divine-union-3-284x300I am on a beach on the bank of the Sacred River.  I have come here this Dark Moon to heal my relationship with money.  I have spent lifetimes in poverty and I am now ready to claim my divine inheritance.  There are wounds within my psyche that need to be cleansed before I can open up to receive the abundance that is waiting for me.  I have come to ask the River God for assistance in this ritual.  He is my lover of old and my consort during these times of sacred healing.

The night is still with only the stars lighting my way.  I hear the river gently lapping onto the sand.  I build a fire to begin the ritual.  I call on the power of the Dark Moon to create my sacred circle of protection for the ritual to be enclosed in.  I throw sweet-smelling herbs onto the fire and then begin beating my drum.  The beat of the drum echoes the heart beat of the Great Mother.  This sound reverberates deep into the earth Herself.  The pulse is felt in the rivers current calling, calling to my lover.

I see Him emerge from the sacred waters and walk towards my circle of protection.  I beckon him towards me with the sound of my drum.  He stops just outside my circle waiting for me to welcome him in.  When I do he kneels beside me and asks me why I have called to him this night.  I tell him my intention to heal my wounds around receiving abundance and he smiles willing to help me in any way he can.

He takes my hands and gently presses kisses into each one.  He anoints each palm with a healing oil and then moves to my feet and does the same.  I move onto my stomach and he anoints each chakra along my spine with the oil.  I move onto my back and he anoints each chakra on my front body as well.  He tells me this will open my energy centers so that I can begin to open to the Abundance of the Universe.

He kisses me then, slowly at first and then with passionate desire.  He looks into my eyes and tells me I must experience ecstasy this night or the ritual will not be complete.  I relax more and more as my body begins to awaken to its own passions.  I understand that my limitations around abundance correspond with my ability to experience and receive pleasure in all areas of my life.  This act of love is a mirror for my life.

My senses become more and more heightened as I build towards my ecstasy.  He looks into my eyes again and asks me who I am as he plunges his body deep inside of mine.  I cry out,“I Am The Goddess and I claim what is rightfully mine!”  I feel his body shudder as he releases the seeds of Abundance deep inside my womb.  In this moment I know that I no longer have to look outside of myself for my prosperity.  I have everything I need within my own being.  All the seeds are planted there for me to nurture and grow.  They are waiting for me to birth them when I am ready.

My lover, once again, kisses the palms of my hands and gently kisses my lips good-bye.  I thank him for this gift of abundance and healing.  He walks back into the river and melts away into the sacred waters.  I begin playing my drum once again in thanksgiving and gratitude.  I sing my song of abundance until night gently fades into day.

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I Am That


I was talking to a friend yesterday, whom I hadn’t talked to in months.  We were catching up on each other’s lives when his voice suddenly changed.  Over the years I’ve begun to recognize when Guidance is speaking to me through others.  I’m not even sure if they are aware that their voice deepens and takes on a verbal clarity that wasn’t there before.

Robert started to talk to me about my healing work.  He told me that I was to start giving more readings to people.  I asked him what else was I to do that I hadn’t already done when it comes to marketing myself to the public.  That’s when he started talking to me about manifesting with the I Am.

I will often wait for the Universe to show up yet I won’t be a consciously active participant in its arrival.  It’s as if I forget that I am a co-creator with the Universe.  Robert was reminding that I Am That Tree.  I Am That Abundance.  I Am That Universe.

Last night I dreamed that I was graduating from a school program.  Instead of being excited about the next adventure in front of me I was consciously procrastinating leaving the school.  I was cleaning bathrooms and helping to cook meals.  I was lingering over good byes.  When I awoke I realized that I was doing the same in my waking life.  I’ve recently moved from my home of 16 years and am living with a friend for the time being.  My son is in college and I am unsure who and what I am at this stage in my life.  Through Robert, Guidance was reminding that I Am That.  It is time to stop watching my life and start creating it in a more conscious way.  I have created it all along.  Now it is time to be intentional with that creation.

Dancing The Divine

Several weeks ago I was teaching a Kundalini yoga class that had several minutes of dancing in it.  After class many of us hung out to chat about the transitions the entire planet is experiencing now.  One of the students asked what my spirit guide Grandfather had to say on the topic.

It is through dance that you can navigate these transitions more smoothly and gracefully.  Dance connects you with the Divine and therefore, yourself.  ~Grandfather~

Needless to say I have danced every day since.  I have found that through dance I feel more connected to the Divine Feminine.  I feel more grounded and centered in my physical body and I have more energy.  I have used dance to resolve lack issues and for spiritual guidance.  I visualize myself dancing in prosperity and opportunity.

Each day before I dance I ground my feet into the Mother Earth.  I bring my hands together into prayer pose.  I scoop my hands down to bring up Earth energy and then have my hands meet above my head to draw in the energy of Source.  I then bring the hands together above my head and bring them down at my heart space to merge the energy at my heart through prayer pose.  I do this three times.

I begin to move my body in which ever way it wants to move that day.  I use music that makes my heart sing and has a good rhythm to it.  I dance for about 20 minutes each morning.  To end the dance I once again ground my feet into the Earth.  I bring my hands back into prayer pose.  This time I send energy back into the Earth to thank Her for the dance and once again bring my hands back over my head to send energy back to Source.  I end by bringing my hands back into prayer pose at my heart space.

I have noticed a shift in how I feel in my skin as a result of dancing every day.  I’m more comfortable in my body in how it feels and how it looks.  I have struggled with body issues for years.  Those issues are dissolving through the dance.  Have you ever heard of a Goddess with body issues?  I embody the Feminine Divine when I dance.  That energy stays with me throughout the day.  Won’t you join me in Dancing the Divine?

Della is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Hands on Healer and Intuitive Counselor.  She is very good at what she does.  Contact her to schedule an appointment for a personalized message from her spirit guide Grandfather.  Click here for more info on her services.

Show Me The Money – Part 3

I was given a beautiful new Tarot deck by a friend of mine.  I decided that I would do an in-depth study of each card by pulling a card a day and then researching the meaning of each card.  Today I pulled the Eight of Swords.  You will notice that she is blinded and bound.  She appears very much the victim of her situation.  When I researched the card I was encouraged to notice how her feet are not bound.  At any time she can get up and cut her binds on any one of the swords surrounding her and free herself.

I created my financial situation and it is up to me to free myself.   I have felt like a victim of my circumstances for such a long time that I haven’t been able to see that I can free myself at any given moment.  I am the prisoner and the prison guard all at the same time.

Each morning I get up and dance.  It is how I am connecting to the Divine Feminine on a daily basis.  Today I visualized the freeing of the ties that bind me while I danced in my living room.  I am firing the prison guard and walking out of my prison a free women.  And so it is!

Click here for an in-depth description of the Eight of Swords.


Della is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Hands on Healer and Intuitive Reader.  She is very good at what she does.  Click here for more info on her services.


Show Me The Money – Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a blog talking about my frustration that after years of hard work on my prosperity issues I am still creating not enough money in my life.  I invited you to share with me your ideas and personal experience around your own journey with this topic.  I got many helpful suggestions.  I realized as my day progressed that putting it out there on a social media network exposed my unhealed wounds to the light of day.  As a result, I noticed shame coming up around “not getting it”.  Today is day 40 of a Kundalini Yoga Prosperity Meditation that I have practiced daily.  These specialized meditations reach down deep into our subconscious and pull up that which is hidden.  For me, its shame that after all these years of hard work I’m still not managing to create the financial life I want.

I woke up this morning and I got it.  The entire day of shame and frustration yesterday and then asking for help is my meditation undoing that which no longer serves me.   My meditation is working!  I am getting it.  I’m getting the gunk out from deep in my subconscious and yesterday was evidence of it coming to the surface.  I am going to continue on with the meditation as long as its needed.  I am also going to take up some of my friends suggestions to go even deeper into myself.  I am so grateful for the support I’m getting from everyone around me.  Thank you!