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Dancing The Divine – A 21 Day Journey Using Dance To Achieve Self-Love & Acceptance

301488_10150367084341962_1766250182_nFor as long as I can remember I’ve had body image issues.  There is no logical reason for this as I am quite a lovely woman.  I am fit and I am strong and I take really good care of myself.  I don’t have any significant traumas from childhood that have scarred me for life.  The only reasonable thing I can pin point is the social structure that we have set in place that tells you a woman isn’t valuable unless her body is perfect.  This is an insidiously pervasive message that we can not escape in this day and age.

I turn 50 this summer and I do not want to take this ball and chain with me into my Cronehood.  I do not believe in aging in the traditional sense.  Yet, I do feel that the beliefs we carry can age us more quickly than junk food or too much time in the sun.  That said, I am embarking on a 21 day journey of self-love using the expression of dance to get there.  I am using the system that Gabrielle Roth created called the 5 Rhythms.  This series of rhythms takes your body into different dimensions of self.  It opens one to the opportunity to explore their body in a sacred way.

Day 1

I begin my journey today.  Grief came up around thinking I could be anything less than beautiful.

Day 2

More grief and these guttural sounds moved through me in big waves.  I got a sense that the grief was old and that my body was weighted down by this old “stuff” that no longer serves me.  This grief is the cause of some of the aches and pains I have experienced lately.  It is also the underlying source of my negative thinking about my body.  If I can dance this out will I be free?

Day 3

In the middle of the night last night I awoke with severe menstrual cramps.  The pain in my body kept me awake enough so I could really observe my thoughts and emotions.  A lot of shame was coming up for me around putting myself out there like this.  Me, who has been a spiritual leader and teacher for the past 20 years dealing with these issues still.  When I danced this morning I was much lighter.  I think whatever I was processing in the middle of the night must have moved through.  And, I don’t have any cramps today.  It did make me question if there is a correlation between shame and menstrual cramps though?

Day 4

I felt energetically lighter today as I danced yet my belly feels full as I prepare to menstruate.  I danced in front of the mirror while I stroked my belly lovingly.  I felt like the Willendorf Goddess.  Instead of being freaked out by that image it got me more in touch with the sacredness of being woman.


Day 5

More grief today.  My heart feels ripped wide open by it. I’m exhausted by it.  I know it is all part of the process of letting go and letting in.

I had an awareness of how much my boyfriend loves me this morning.  I’ve known intellectually that he loves me but today I felt it in my bones. I don’t think I could have had this awareness if I had not been on this journey.

Day 6

I love how my body moves to the music.  I’m feeling less constricted.  More fluid.  Peaceful. I have rarely felt peaceful in my body.  I wonder if it is because I am an empath.

Day 7

I finished my first week of dance this morning.  During this I was able to put together how my poor body image translates into not feeling like I have personal power.  It has never really made sense to me why I have struggled with this my whole life considering the remarkable tools I have acquired along the way.  Yet, now I can see it.  If I have no power how could I possibly see myself as beautiful.  Each day as I dance I can feel the strength of my body grow.  When i danced in front of the mirror today I looked at myself in a different way than I have before.  There is more compassion there.  More love than before.  Just maybe I’m starting to see me instead of just look and find myself wanting.

Day 8

I got my period today and needed stillness instead of movement.  So, I gave my self permission to take the day off.

Day 9

What a loving thing I did for myself yesterday.  It is not very often I give myself permission to not do a practice I’ve committed to.  I can be very rigid about it.  I really sense that I am allowing more love into my life.  Giving myself the day off yesterday shows that love.  Today when I danced I felt light.  When I began this journey more than a week ago there was such heaviness in my body.  I was carrying around an ancient grief that weighed me down.  I noticed when I put my foot on the floor today the step was light and the movement was more fluid.

butter-dance-rays-lightDay 10

Today I videoed me dancing.  I wore very little as I wanted to see all of me.  When I played it back I was surprised at how strong my body looked.  That has been the root core of my body image issues, this sense of weakness.  I know I’ve gotten stronger over the past few weeks but I wonder if this physical weakness has been a misperception all along?

I could still see the energetic heaviness that I carry in my body.  It really showed in the video.  Which I find is a good thing.  I know that it is still there and I can set an intention to release it.  I wish I would have taped me from day one so I could see if there is a difference from then to now.  Will that heaviness shift over time?  I don’t know.

Day 11

When did we become so body obsessed?  Why am I so body obsessed?  I am not my body.

Today I smiled while I danced.  I felt lighter and had more fun as I moved.  I am noticing a change in myself.  I’m not taking things quite so seriously. I really do feel that is because I am becoming more at ease with me.  Today I was videoing a short yoga practice for my peeps and after I had finished it it wasn’t there.  I was disappointed but not really upset.  I saw it as a sign that I need to slow down and take my time.  Not every thing needs to be done NOW.  I think that understanding is a result of this journey.  Not everything matters as much as I think it does.

Day 12

Not having a good day.  I danced hard during my practice.  I needed to dance all the self-loathing and insecurity out.  It helped.  I used my drum during the dance to help process “stuff” out of my belly.  That is where I feel the negative emotions the most.  In my belly.  I also used some Release essential oil and that seemed to help as well.

I’m embarrassed that I’m not over this yet.  I usually move through things pretty quickly.  This is a life long issue though and I don’t want to carry with me for the rest of my life.  I want my 50’s to be beautiful and graceful and filled with self security and self-empowerment.  Only I can give those gifts to my self.  Only I can claim Me.  All these negative emotions are a disowning of self.  I’m going to explore some soul retrieval techniques as well.  I think there is something within me that is missing.  Not missing as in lacking but that I have hidden away for safe keeping.   Will keep you posted.

Day 13 – Soul Retrieval and Integration

Yesterday, I felt something was missing and when I looked closer at my Auric field I could feel where it was empty in places.  This morning, I went into meditation and I called back those parts of self that I had kept hidden for safe keeping.

My soul retrieval process looked like this.  I lit a candle and got into the tub.  I began to breathe long slow and deep.  In my mind’s eye I see myself in a cave.  In the cave there is a fire.  There is always an old woman there who is the keeper of the flame.  I ask her to help me with the process.  She has me lay down naked on a reed pallet.  She begins to rattle over different parts of my body.  I begin to see lights moving towards me.  These are the parts of self that I have abandoned or hidden for safe keeping.  I feel them come back into my body in a very physical way.  The Old One rattles over my body again to seal the soul parts back into my body.
When I came out of the meditation I felt more whole, more present in my body.  I will take the day off the dance and integrate the soul retrieval today.  Part of this journey of wholeness is listening to what my body is telling me.  Today it is telling me to be still.
Personal Soul Retrieval is a process where I go into meditation and invite parts of my self that may be missing from this physical incarnation back into my body.  We “leave” for many reasons.  Trauma is the number one reason that we hide parts of self for safe keeping.  The result is that we can feel like something is missing from our being. We may not be able to be fully present or we may have holes in the Auric field.  There are other ways to accomplish soul retrieval where there is a healing practitioner who goes on the journey with you/for you.  I offer this as one of my services.

Day 14 – Beautiful Day

The soul retrieval I did yesterday worked its magic!  I feel more whole in my body.  When I danced this morning there was such joy!  I feel like there is more to be done, old thought patterns to be shifted, old habits to reframe, etc.  Yet, I feel quite lovely in my body this day.  I feel I can look inside myself and see.  Before there was always this absence.  Today I feel Presence.

Day 15 – Pandora’s Box


I’m excited to say (I’m weird I know!) that more fears and insecurities and doubts and, and, and . . . are coming up as a result of this work.  I’m excited about it because I know I am doing a great purge.  There is freedom in sight.  There is strength and a secure foundation at the end of this road.  Today I danced until all the fears left my belly.  It’s interesting to note that when I experience fear it is in my belly and my belly has been the part of me that I criticize the most.  Today when I looked in the mirror I liked my belly.  There is a loveliness to its roundness and its nice soft curves.    Underneath all those curves is a great strength.  I can see the aspects of both softness and strength in my body, mind, and spirit and how those qualities bring balance to my being.

Day 16 – A Revelation

During my dance today a bit of grief came up.  I wasn’t very attached to it but I did notice my willingness to breathe into and through it rather than try to get rid of it.  That has been my M.O. in the past.  I would engage my negative feelings in battle and try to wrestle them out of me.  I’ve known intuitively that that wasn’t the best way to handle my feelings.  I just didn’t have the distance or the courage to to do it differently.  The dance has helped me become the observer to my emotions rather than the reactor.  In the space of observer I can recognize that my emotions will not be the death of me rather the builder of my strength.

Day 17 – The Sacred Chalice

chaliceofloveToday’s dance brought me in touch with my belly being a sacred chalice.  It is the place where we contain our hopes and our dreams and . . . our power.  This Divine Feminine Power is who we really are as women.  We have forgotten it in our quest for external perfection.  We have bought into the lie that our worth is our body instead of what is contained with in its curves and softness.  Our Power is Sacred.  It is time we reclaimed what is rightfully ours.

Day 18 – Dancing With Power

I am tired today so didn’t have much in me to dance long.  I did play with the energy of magic/manifestation/power.  I asked my body to move with power and it was interesting to see how I held my body in a different way.  I also used the energy of magic to manifest more abundance in my life.  I simply tuned into that same energy of power but used it to draw abundance to me.  Some fear came up so will need to delve into this a bit deeper to understand why I’m afraid to use magic in this way.

Day 19 – Dancing Abundance

I’ve noticed that I’m no longer focusing on what is wrong with me but getting more and more in touch with the power within me.  I am becoming comfortable with the lines and the shapes of my body.

I meditated on yesterday’s fears and come up with some past lives that didn’t go well for me when I used magic.  Thus the fear in this life time.  Today I connected with magic again and felt much more at home with the energy.  I used it to call in abundance and moved with the energy of prosperity and grace.  It felt natural.  It felt like we were given this tool to use as one of the many resources for tapping into abundance.  Many times I have forgotten that being abundant is a natural state.  There is a sense that I need to work hard for it.  If we relax and allow ourselves to open up to it prosperity is abundantly available to us.  Let the dance of abundance fill you!

Day 20

An easy day of dwelling in the joy of moving my body.

Day 21 – Last Dance

Not really.  I’m on a roll now.  This is only the beginning of the journey.  I no know I can use dance for any kind of transformation I may need in the moment.  What a gift.  Dance on!

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Space: The Final Frontier

space-wallpapers-1When I teach a yoga class I invite the students into a pose.  After several breaths I ask the students to go deeper into the pose to see if there is more space available now that they’ve been in the pose for a while.  It’s interesting to me how in my own practice more space comes into my body once I’ve been still for a breath or two.

We, as humans, don’t often think about exploring space through being or stillness.  We are such movers and shakers and slowing down seems almost painful at times.  At least it does for me.

This morning, during my journaling, I asked this question to Guidance.  Can you talk to me about my finances?

Here is their response:

Yes, my Child.  I can sense that you are questing/questioning your own knowing.  Understand that you are healed.  (They are referring to the healing I received during the writing Claiming My Divine Inheritance blog post.  After writing that I felt as if all the holes that were leaking from the bowl that is my belly were sealed up.)  Your vessel has been healed.  Everything will come to you in Divine Time.  Your “order” (for increasing your financial prosperity) has been placed and your waitress is giving the chef time to finish up your meal.  You don’t want the dish to be over cooked or undercooked do you?  Of course not!  Be patient just a little while longer.  Enjoy the wait as it will be worth it.

You humans have little patience for waiting.  Think of waiting as a gestation period or “space” for your self to grow.  Some times that waiting “space” is for you to rest (as in your case).  Sometimes that waiting space is for growing you deeper into yourself.  We know that you are “doing” peoples.  We invite you to be still in this space.  For in this space you will find your self Full-Fill-ed.  

They referred to me questioning my own knowing.  What I know is that I am healed.  I can feel it in my belly.  I didn’t realize I had these energetic holes in my belly until after I wrote that piece and I felt the change in my body.  I have always been a doer when it comes to making money.  Aren’t we all?  I have been self employed for many years and to make money you have to do.  Right?  No.  That’s not the only piece of the pie.  I need to create space for more prosperity to become available me.  I do that in stillness.  That is very hard for such a doer as I.

In the mean time Guidance encouraged me to relax, read a book, take a walk in nature, and enjoy the the wait.


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I Am . . .

A Mother, Artist, Teacher, Healer, Friend

The labels we put on ourselves help us to divine (meant to use define) ourselves.  Yet those labels are not who we really are.  Check out this message from my Spirit Guide Grandfather on I Am.


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Accessing the Hearth of Mother Earth

Today, in my Intuitive Yoga class, many of my students were struggling with aches and pains in the lower back and hips.  I, too, have experienced an unusual amount of pain there over the past few days.  When I poll my students and find that many of them, along with myself, have similar symptoms, I pay attention.  It’s during those times that I can trust that what is happening to me is usually happening on a much broader scale.  Part of the unfolding of an Intuitive Yoga class involves information from Guidance.  When I “tuned into” the reason behind this pain in the body Guidance told me this:hearth-tending-old-sturbridge-villageMother Earth is changing from her warmth and growth cycle to her cold and reclusive energy for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  We as humans living in the colder climates have a natural resistance to this change.  We tighten up thinking we are keeping ourselves warm by doing so.  This resistance can result in pain in the body.  When I looked deeper into the energy of this resistance I was able to see that the 1st chakra is blocked in those of us exhibiting reluctance to the onset of colder weather.  The 1st chakra is our connection to the Earth.  That is the chakra of grounding and our sense of safety and security.  We unconsciously think that withdrawing will keep us from being cold.  This withdrawing takes us out of alignment with Earth which we feel intimately in our hips.  Hips are about balance and moving forward in life with grace and ease. 

Guidance went on further to suggest that we release our resistance and intentionally connect to Mother Earth.  It is through this connection and alignment with Her energies that we will find more fluidity in the body during this colder season.

When I asked Guidance for a title for this post I was intending to write the word heart instead of hearth.  I do not believe in accidents.  I thought about the word hearth in relation to our 1st chakra and realized that hearth is exactly the right word.  The hearth is that warm, cozy place in our home, that which makes us feel safe and secure.  Many of us have fire places but your warm, cozy place could be a favorite chair or bed, or even the kitchen.  It’s  that special place in our home that we gravitate to day after day.

Now take that feeling of cozy into the body.  Allow that sense of peace to relax every fiber of your being.  Feel your connection to the Earth.  You may be resistant at first.  It’s natural to think of Her during this time of year as cold and we intuitively don’t want to connect with that.  I invite you take your roots down to the very molten core of Her.  She invites you into Her body, into Her womb, into Her fire.  There you are safe, connected and warm.  Try this visualization and see if the body relaxes and the pain subsides.  See if this practice helps you get to that place of acceptance of the season change.

And remember, home is where the hearth is . . .

I teach Intuitive Yoga every Monday morning @ 9:30 a.m. and every Tuesday afternoon at 4:45 p.m. @ The YogaSoul Center in Eagan.  I invite you to come and experience a class sometime soon.  If you are interested in a personal intuitive/psychic reading you can contact me through my website.


During meditation this morning I asked Guidance what message it had for me.  I received one word . . Stillness.  I asked how was I supposed to attain stillness with so many tasks ahead of me for the day.  Guidance said that stillness is an internal experience regardless of what is going on in the external world.

During my Intuitive Yoga class this morning we had an unexpected guest.  One of my students brought her 2-year-old boy as this was the last class she was able to attend before she was leaving the country.   This child did not want to come into the class room and resisted his mother as only 2 year old’s can.  As she was setting themselves up for class I moved on to my normal routine of asking each student what they wanted to focus their practice on today.

By the time we began our practice the boy was still a bit agitated about being in the class.  I remembered my Guidance of the morning and invited each student to find their own stillness within themselves.  I reminded them that we are constantly being bombarded with noise, technology and busyness and that Stillness comes from that place only we can reach inside.  As we went deeper and deeper into our practice the more quiet and peaceful the room became.

It was the most amazing experiences I have ever witnessed.  This child was quiet for the entire hour-long class.  One student even remarked that they had forgotten that the boy was there.  The child was quiet because mom had found her stillness.  The whole class contributed to the peace and quiet of that child because they too found their stillness.

I remember when I was a young mother attempting to practice yoga with my 2-year-old in the room.  He would immediately crawl over and under me as I began my practice.  I would ultimately get frustrated and give up thinking that it was impossible to practice with my son in the same room with me.  If I only knew then what I was witness to today.  That our children take their cues from us.  When we can find the stillness within our self they too can find their own stillness.

I love how Guidance gave me the word Stillness and then brought me the experience as well.  We are always given exactly what we need when we need it.

Sat Nam

Intuitive Yoga

One of my favorite classes to teach is my Monday morning 9:30 a.m. Intuitive Yoga class. (Now @ 4:45 on Tuesday’s too!)   Each Intuitive Yoga class is designed to meet the needs of the individual student.  We start by checking in with each person and asking what they would like from the class that day, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  This is where the many years of being an intuitive reader and a yoga teacher come together.  Based on what the students tell me and the intuitive pictures that show up in my mind’s eye the class evolves.  We create a sacred space for the student to be exactly where they need to be that day with non-judgement.

Many times the class is made up of a combination of physical poses, breath techniques, and guided visualization.  It is always different depending on the needs of the students that day.  Here is one student’s view about this special class:

Della’s Intuitive Yoga Class is one not to be missed. For those who desire to use their infinite wisdom to guide their complete health here’s your rare gem of a class to do so.

Della uses an interactive approach which taps into “where you are” through using her own deeply intuitive abilities. She can ‘read’ into your energy to support each class participant through their own divine truths and support choosing poses which compliment and meet the class where they are in this moment. Della is one of these rare teachers who can motivate us through being present in her own human experience and care for us where we are in ours. – Amy 

Dancing The Divine

Several weeks ago I was teaching a Kundalini yoga class that had several minutes of dancing in it.  After class many of us hung out to chat about the transitions the entire planet is experiencing now.  One of the students asked what my spirit guide Grandfather had to say on the topic.

It is through dance that you can navigate these transitions more smoothly and gracefully.  Dance connects you with the Divine and therefore, yourself.  ~Grandfather~

Needless to say I have danced every day since.  I have found that through dance I feel more connected to the Divine Feminine.  I feel more grounded and centered in my physical body and I have more energy.  I have used dance to resolve lack issues and for spiritual guidance.  I visualize myself dancing in prosperity and opportunity.

Each day before I dance I ground my feet into the Mother Earth.  I bring my hands together into prayer pose.  I scoop my hands down to bring up Earth energy and then have my hands meet above my head to draw in the energy of Source.  I then bring the hands together above my head and bring them down at my heart space to merge the energy at my heart through prayer pose.  I do this three times.

I begin to move my body in which ever way it wants to move that day.  I use music that makes my heart sing and has a good rhythm to it.  I dance for about 20 minutes each morning.  To end the dance I once again ground my feet into the Earth.  I bring my hands back into prayer pose.  This time I send energy back into the Earth to thank Her for the dance and once again bring my hands back over my head to send energy back to Source.  I end by bringing my hands back into prayer pose at my heart space.

I have noticed a shift in how I feel in my skin as a result of dancing every day.  I’m more comfortable in my body in how it feels and how it looks.  I have struggled with body issues for years.  Those issues are dissolving through the dance.  Have you ever heard of a Goddess with body issues?  I embody the Feminine Divine when I dance.  That energy stays with me throughout the day.  Won’t you join me in Dancing the Divine?

Della is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Hands on Healer and Intuitive Counselor.  She is very good at what she does.  Contact her to schedule an appointment for a personalized message from her spirit guide Grandfather.  Click here for more info on her services.