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Padma Mudra – Meditation For The Heart Center

A gift for you!



Accessing the Hearth of Mother Earth

Today, in my Intuitive Yoga class, many of my students were struggling with aches and pains in the lower back and hips.  I, too, have experienced an unusual amount of pain there over the past few days.  When I poll my students and find that many of them, along with myself, have similar symptoms, I pay attention.  It’s during those times that I can trust that what is happening to me is usually happening on a much broader scale.  Part of the unfolding of an Intuitive Yoga class involves information from Guidance.  When I “tuned into” the reason behind this pain in the body Guidance told me this:hearth-tending-old-sturbridge-villageMother Earth is changing from her warmth and growth cycle to her cold and reclusive energy for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  We as humans living in the colder climates have a natural resistance to this change.  We tighten up thinking we are keeping ourselves warm by doing so.  This resistance can result in pain in the body.  When I looked deeper into the energy of this resistance I was able to see that the 1st chakra is blocked in those of us exhibiting reluctance to the onset of colder weather.  The 1st chakra is our connection to the Earth.  That is the chakra of grounding and our sense of safety and security.  We unconsciously think that withdrawing will keep us from being cold.  This withdrawing takes us out of alignment with Earth which we feel intimately in our hips.  Hips are about balance and moving forward in life with grace and ease. 

Guidance went on further to suggest that we release our resistance and intentionally connect to Mother Earth.  It is through this connection and alignment with Her energies that we will find more fluidity in the body during this colder season.

When I asked Guidance for a title for this post I was intending to write the word heart instead of hearth.  I do not believe in accidents.  I thought about the word hearth in relation to our 1st chakra and realized that hearth is exactly the right word.  The hearth is that warm, cozy place in our home, that which makes us feel safe and secure.  Many of us have fire places but your warm, cozy place could be a favorite chair or bed, or even the kitchen.  It’s  that special place in our home that we gravitate to day after day.

Now take that feeling of cozy into the body.  Allow that sense of peace to relax every fiber of your being.  Feel your connection to the Earth.  You may be resistant at first.  It’s natural to think of Her during this time of year as cold and we intuitively don’t want to connect with that.  I invite you take your roots down to the very molten core of Her.  She invites you into Her body, into Her womb, into Her fire.  There you are safe, connected and warm.  Try this visualization and see if the body relaxes and the pain subsides.  See if this practice helps you get to that place of acceptance of the season change.

And remember, home is where the hearth is . . .

I teach Intuitive Yoga every Monday morning @ 9:30 a.m. and every Tuesday afternoon at 4:45 p.m. @ The YogaSoul Center in Eagan.  I invite you to come and experience a class sometime soon.  If you are interested in a personal intuitive/psychic reading you can contact me through my website.

40 Day Kindness Challenge – Day 13

aura_version31aura2I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written.  I have felt stagnate and uninspired these past few days.  I was hoping this kindness practice would catapult me to joy and that has not happened.  I do realize that anything that isn’t joy has to come up to the surface to release first.  And, some of that has happened.  Yet, the last few days I have been a bit tired and listless.  I could be the extreme cold.  It could be the alignment of the planets.  It is more likely that this is all part of the process of realizing the kindness within myself.

Kindness Tip

This morning, during my favorite ritual, taking a bath I did a chakra balancing exercise.  I go through each of my chakras, putting my hand on the place on my body where they live, and invite them to balance.  I say “balance” and visualize them as so and then move up to the next chakra.  I had to do this several times through before I felt the shift in my energy field.  Here is a pdf I created to give you a better understanding of the chakras.

Chakra Spreadsheet

It will help you to find each and give you tips to balance them.  I encourage you to work with the chakras when you are feeling a bit off and see what positives can happen.  It is from that place we can find our kindness.

Sat Nam,

Della McGee


Art & Yoga – Day 1

Here is the beginning of my art and yoga journey.  I have this new yoga book entitled Art & Yoga by Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa.  She is the wife of Thomas Moore and a kundalini yogi.  The book uses yoga to create art.  My intention is to practice a yoga set for a particular chakra and then create art around that chakra.  I have no idea how this will go as I’ve never attempted anything like this before.  It will be an adventure!