Yoni Mudra: Tools for Female Reproductive Health

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Breathing Fire

girl_breathing_fireLast night as I lay awake damp and sweating from hot flash after hot flash I decided I would use the energy productively instead of focusing on how I was not asleep in the middle of the night.  As each hot flash would come I would begin to breath deeply connecting with the fire and then visualize it burning off any belief or habit that no longer served me on my journey.  I saw the fire as tempering me and honing me and strengthening every part of me that needed it.  The more I did this the more I began to enjoy each flush as it bathed me in fire.  Instead of being miserable I ended up being joyful for the experience my body was bringing me.  I have had several wise crones tell me now that the easiest way through this transition is by riding it out instead of fighting it.  I am beginning to believe the wisdom of those who have traveled this road before me . . .

Della is a psychic healer and intuitive teacher who writes about her life experiences using mindfulness, yoga and any other tools that come her way that she can share.  To find out more about her healing services visit her at www.innerpeacemovementstudio.com

Embracing Change

fall_1Today I was reflecting on how the change in the season from Summer to Fall is similar to the changes happening in my body.  I am slowly moving into menopause.  As the leaves change colors and fall from the trees so does my body change from one of youthfulness and vigor to one of depth and maturity.  I could choose to see the change as an ending but I believe it is a new beginning.

When I resist these changes within my body my symptoms become more intensified.  When I resist the change in the season instead of enjoying the beauty in the moment I end up resenting the upcoming cold of winter.  This fall season is a metaphor for my life.  Embrace the change and be free or resist and be in pain.  I chose to take a deep breath and be in the moment.

Della is a psychic, healer and yoga teacher.  Visit her website @ www.innerpeacemovementstudio.com

I am Woman

Scan 17I stand
on my feet

in my be-ing

Gathering Strength
and Breath
and Life
in my

Heart beating
with wild

Never forsaking
for another

Never forgetting
I am Woman

About this painting:  I am currently using acrylics on canvas to explore the chakra system through my painting.  This painting reflects our first chakra.  I’ve entitled it “standing in her power”.  Please email me at della@innerpeacemovementstudio.com if you are interested in purchasing the original painting for yourself.  To find out more about my services please visit me here.