Wondering if I’m lost or if I’m found?

Found more likely

as more and more light shines forth

with each seed planted in my heart


Re-Membering The Goddess


Calling back the lost pieces of Self

The pieces that childhood ripped away.

The pieces that society tore asunder.

The pieces of Self that anything less than love trampled under despairs feet.

These parts of Self come back into my being.

Feeling contained in the bounty that is Me.

Crying out in ecstasy and joy like a lover.

I have come home.

I am.


Dark Moon Lady

By Della McGee


You found me, Dark Moon Lady

As I lay huddled in a heap of pain and sorrow, my cries echoing into the vastness of the Divine

You found me

I reached for the Light but that was only an illusion

I ran and ran and ran from your Darkness, my Darkness

but you found me

“Stop running!” you cried


I breathed and was still and in that stillness

I saw the Darkness for what is was

the path to the Light

I found me, Dark Moon Lady

In your embrace