Accessing the Hearth of Mother Earth

Today, in my Intuitive Yoga class, many of my students were struggling with aches and pains in the lower back and hips.  I, too, have experienced an unusual amount of pain there over the past few days.  When I poll my students and find that many of them, along with myself, have similar symptoms, I pay attention.  It’s during those times that I can trust that what is happening to me is usually happening on a much broader scale.  Part of the unfolding of an Intuitive Yoga class involves information from Guidance.  When I “tuned into” the reason behind this pain in the body Guidance told me this:hearth-tending-old-sturbridge-villageMother Earth is changing from her warmth and growth cycle to her cold and reclusive energy for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  We as humans living in the colder climates have a natural resistance to this change.  We tighten up thinking we are keeping ourselves warm by doing so.  This resistance can result in pain in the body.  When I looked deeper into the energy of this resistance I was able to see that the 1st chakra is blocked in those of us exhibiting reluctance to the onset of colder weather.  The 1st chakra is our connection to the Earth.  That is the chakra of grounding and our sense of safety and security.  We unconsciously think that withdrawing will keep us from being cold.  This withdrawing takes us out of alignment with Earth which we feel intimately in our hips.  Hips are about balance and moving forward in life with grace and ease. 

Guidance went on further to suggest that we release our resistance and intentionally connect to Mother Earth.  It is through this connection and alignment with Her energies that we will find more fluidity in the body during this colder season.

When I asked Guidance for a title for this post I was intending to write the word heart instead of hearth.  I do not believe in accidents.  I thought about the word hearth in relation to our 1st chakra and realized that hearth is exactly the right word.  The hearth is that warm, cozy place in our home, that which makes us feel safe and secure.  Many of us have fire places but your warm, cozy place could be a favorite chair or bed, or even the kitchen.  It’s  that special place in our home that we gravitate to day after day.

Now take that feeling of cozy into the body.  Allow that sense of peace to relax every fiber of your being.  Feel your connection to the Earth.  You may be resistant at first.  It’s natural to think of Her during this time of year as cold and we intuitively don’t want to connect with that.  I invite you take your roots down to the very molten core of Her.  She invites you into Her body, into Her womb, into Her fire.  There you are safe, connected and warm.  Try this visualization and see if the body relaxes and the pain subsides.  See if this practice helps you get to that place of acceptance of the season change.

And remember, home is where the hearth is . . .

I teach Intuitive Yoga every Monday morning @ 9:30 a.m. and every Tuesday afternoon at 4:45 p.m. @ The YogaSoul Center in Eagan.  I invite you to come and experience a class sometime soon.  If you are interested in a personal intuitive/psychic reading you can contact me through my website.


What Is Decording?


Have you ended a relationship, yet are still constantly thinking about the other person?

Has a telephone conversation with a friend left you exhausted?

Do you avoid a family member or work associate because they bring you “down”?

These are symptoms of negative energetic attachments (cords).

When I was in my twenties I met someone who I ended up having to decord from.  The first time I saw him I felt a deep connection.  He unfortunately did not have the same experience with me.  My logic told me I needed to let go of this fantasy but I couldn’t seem to.  Somehow I knew traditional therapies would not help me.  I went to a psychic instead.

This wonderful woman taught me a process called decording.  I decorded from this man and was not bothered with the obsession again.  It was during the process that my psychic gifts appeared.  They were buried deep within myself waiting for an opportunity to come forth.  Decording is what awakened them.  Not everyone will have a dramatic response like I did.  You will find a freedom that you may not have known existed before though.

Each of us connects with one another on an energetic basis every time we interact.  When we smile at someone we meet on the street we energetically connect.  Those connections are loving and do not affect us in a negative way.

When we are in deeper relationships we connect energetically as well.  When the relationship has dissolved physically sometimes those connections stay intact and they start to drain us, especially when the other person becomes abusive.  Sometimes the relationship is a child who keeps taking and taking.  You may not want to end that relationship but you want to change the dynamics of that relationship.

With the process of decording you can:

  • find relief from haunting thoughts
  • reclaim the energy that may have drained you
  • reestablish healthy energetic cords with those you are still involved with

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During meditation this morning I asked Guidance what message it had for me.  I received one word . . Stillness.  I asked how was I supposed to attain stillness with so many tasks ahead of me for the day.  Guidance said that stillness is an internal experience regardless of what is going on in the external world.

During my Intuitive Yoga class this morning we had an unexpected guest.  One of my students brought her 2-year-old boy as this was the last class she was able to attend before she was leaving the country.   This child did not want to come into the class room and resisted his mother as only 2 year old’s can.  As she was setting themselves up for class I moved on to my normal routine of asking each student what they wanted to focus their practice on today.

By the time we began our practice the boy was still a bit agitated about being in the class.  I remembered my Guidance of the morning and invited each student to find their own stillness within themselves.  I reminded them that we are constantly being bombarded with noise, technology and busyness and that Stillness comes from that place only we can reach inside.  As we went deeper and deeper into our practice the more quiet and peaceful the room became.

It was the most amazing experiences I have ever witnessed.  This child was quiet for the entire hour-long class.  One student even remarked that they had forgotten that the boy was there.  The child was quiet because mom had found her stillness.  The whole class contributed to the peace and quiet of that child because they too found their stillness.

I remember when I was a young mother attempting to practice yoga with my 2-year-old in the room.  He would immediately crawl over and under me as I began my practice.  I would ultimately get frustrated and give up thinking that it was impossible to practice with my son in the same room with me.  If I only knew then what I was witness to today.  That our children take their cues from us.  When we can find the stillness within our self they too can find their own stillness.

I love how Guidance gave me the word Stillness and then brought me the experience as well.  We are always given exactly what we need when we need it.

Sat Nam

Decording: Healing The Ties That Bind

In every relationship we are in there are energetic connections that bind us to one another. When those relationships are healthy those bonds are loving and uplifting. When those relationships are unhealthy the psychic bonds or cords are draining and damaging to the very essence of our being.

Have you ever been on the phone with someone and felt exhausted after talking to them? Has a relationship ended but you still think of that person consistently? These are some of the symptoms of unhealthy energetic cords.

Decording is a healing process that helps us untangle ourselves from the energetic bonds we may have with people who are no longer healthy for us.   Decording not only works with personal relationships but also addictions, institutions and belief systems.

I was first introduced to decording many years ago by a local psychic.  I came to her because I was having obsessive thoughts about a man who I knew logically wasn’t for me.   He thought of me as a friend but was not as interested in me as I was in him.  I knew traditional therapy wouldn’t help me with this so I sought out a psychic.  She told me that I had many lifetimes with this man.  It was the “memory” of these lifetimes that was activating the obsession.  She taught me the process of decording and the obsession left.

Since that time I have used decording over and over again with many of my clients.  I recently have used it on addictive behaviours with myself and others (sugar!).  Again, not only can we decord from people but from institutions, addictions and belief systems.

Please feel free to contact me if you want your own personal decording session.  Check my website for details.  I am also teaching a workshop on Friday, November 23rd @ The YogaSoul Center in Eagan.  During this workshop we will:

  • Identify unhealthy connections
  • Learn tools that you can easily use yourself
  • Call back our power from those entities we are decording from
  • Gong meditation

Soul Mates and Soul Retrieval

I find it fascinating when I get two or three clients who are experiencing the same lessons (opportunities!) that I am.  Usually these clients will show up right after I’ve had a big discovery of my own.  This time my breakthrough came after a session with a client.  During our session together my client experienced a healing with a soul mate of hers that helped me to heal a similar issue I had worked on for years.

This particular client needed help with letting go of a relationship that wasn’t evolving or moving forward.  Usually, we do a decording in these cases and that most often times takes care of the situation.  This client was different.  Once we got into the session I realized the similarities between my situation and my clients.  We both had a deep connection with men that was on a soul mate level. Neither one of our relationships were working yet letting go was difficult because the bonds were so deep.   During her session I was shown that along with a decording we needed to do a soul retrieval as well.

A decording is when we release negative cords that connect us to people.  These are cords that may have started out healthy but over time dissolved into something that no longer served the relationship.

A soul retrieval is calling back pieces of one’s self that may have left due to a trauma, abuse, accident, broken heart, etc.  In the case of my client and me we had actually exchanged pieces of our soul with our romantic soul mate partner.  No matter what we did we could not fully leave the relationship because of the soul exchange.  In my case, I had been on again/off again with this person for 14 years.  I had decorded and decorded and decorded . . . nothing would break our bond with one another.

In the session with my client I was shown how she was to call her soul back.  The process worked and she felt much relieved when we were done.  In my case, it wasn’t quite as easy.  I had to experience the process several times before I felt the bond release.  Once it did my whole perception of the relationship changed.   I could see how much I was projecting on to this person and what a disservice that was to him.

I still think of him every day but in a different way then I had in the past.  It is more the habit of thinking of him that is there and not the energetic connection that always seemed to pull us towards one another.  What I have learned through this process is that love is claiming our own power so that others can claim theirs.  And, sometimes, letting go of a relationship is the most loving thing a person can do for another.

Sat Nam,

If you resonate with this story and would like some help with decording or soul retrieval please contact me: or call me @ 651-270-9136

Intuitive Yoga

One of my favorite classes to teach is my Monday morning 9:30 a.m. Intuitive Yoga class. (Now @ 4:45 on Tuesday’s too!)   Each Intuitive Yoga class is designed to meet the needs of the individual student.  We start by checking in with each person and asking what they would like from the class that day, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  This is where the many years of being an intuitive reader and a yoga teacher come together.  Based on what the students tell me and the intuitive pictures that show up in my mind’s eye the class evolves.  We create a sacred space for the student to be exactly where they need to be that day with non-judgement.

Many times the class is made up of a combination of physical poses, breath techniques, and guided visualization.  It is always different depending on the needs of the students that day.  Here is one student’s view about this special class:

Della’s Intuitive Yoga Class is one not to be missed. For those who desire to use their infinite wisdom to guide their complete health here’s your rare gem of a class to do so.

Della uses an interactive approach which taps into “where you are” through using her own deeply intuitive abilities. She can ‘read’ into your energy to support each class participant through their own divine truths and support choosing poses which compliment and meet the class where they are in this moment. Della is one of these rare teachers who can motivate us through being present in her own human experience and care for us where we are in ours. – Amy 

Claiming Our Bellies – Claiming our Power

In my experience as a healer and as a woman we tend to disown parts of our self.  We especially disown that most vital part of our being – our belly.  Our belly is the seat of our power.  Our creative center is in the lower belly and our commitment center is in the upper belly.  When in balance these centers cause us to be a Force of Nature.  When out of balance we become insecure and powerless.  How do we reclaim our belly and our power?

I have used two tools to reclaim my belly and thus myself.

Guided Visualization/Energy Work.  I have what you would call a Rubenesque body.  At a size 8/9 I am neither fat nor thin.  I have beautiful curves when I’m feeling in my Power.  When I’m not, I feel unattractive and uncomfortable in my skin.   When I am distracted by my body image I lose my spiritual center.  When I lose my spiritual center I become powerless in my life.  Where do these body image messages come from?  The media are one source.  The media gives us a distorted and unrealistic sense of beauty.  In America the average woman is a size 14.  The average model is size 2-4 and many times even less.

How I’ve helped myself to heal this false belief is by going into meditation and looking at my belly through my intuition.  What I have found there is two-fold.  The first is that most of what I am feeling isn’t even mine.  This is a collective madness that women are holding on to in our society.  Once I realized that I was plugged-in to the collective I could disengage from it.  Just realizing this shifted it.  The second thing I found was an energetic attachment on my belly that was feeding off my insecurity.  This entity loved sugar and carbs!  I called on the Light to help me dissolve this entity from my energetic body.  Once this was done how and what I ate changed.

Yoga:  Yoga has been one of the most powerful tools in me learning to love my body.  Yoga teaches us to listen to our body in a profound way.  When we listen to our body we can love our body.  Yoga brings a stillness to the mind.  Within that stillness we can reclaim our Power.  When we claim our Power we claim our Beauty.

I now teach a class geared toward claiming our bellies once a week at the YogaSoul Center called Yoga for Core Strength.  It is a one hour class on Saturday mornings @ 10:00 a.m.  You can find these classes here.

If you feel you have a story similar to mine and need an energetic healing.  Please go to my website to learn more about the services I provide and how to contact me.

Blessings to you and your Belly,