Winter Solstice

309564_314649221884467_264811936868196_1486464_1015514784_nEven though I awoke not feeling that well this morning I woke with a great sense of peace.  I knew that this “sickness” was an opportunity to go within and commune with the energy of the Goddess.  I feel her more strongly today than I have in a while.  I sense it is because of the stillness that the Winter Solstice evokes in me.  This is what I wrote in my journal this morning:

I feel the quiet whisper of the Goddess Earth this day.  Even though the cold would have us think that the Earth is asleep I feel her as very much “awake.”  In the quietness I can hear her voice on the wind  This voice evokes an ancient wisdom.  She beckons me forth back into the womb.  The womb is a place of rest and reflection for me.  I imagine it as a deep cavernous space.  There is a fire here.  In the flames of this fire I see my future self burning brightly.  This future self speaks to me of love and security.  She invites me to relax as all will be well.  I recognize how I almost always am in anxiety, waiting for the hammer to drop.  That is my conditioning, the training I received from a very young age, that the world is an unsafe place.  Always be on guard as you don’t know what or when?  This “sickness” I am experiencing has given me permission to stop running from the “hammer”.  When I stop running I can see how truly safe I am.  Dwelling by the fire in the womb of the Goddess I experience the comfort of the Divine Mother.  It is only me that leaves the warmth of her hearth.  She is continually inviting me back home to her womb.

I had wanted to go to a ritual this weekend but I didn’t make it.  The journalling connected me to the energy of the Divine in way that I had hoped to in ritual.  I am grateful for this opportunity for reflection and this “illness” that has quieted my body and my mind.

Della McGee
Winter Solstice 2014


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