The New Path

IMG_3103Today, as I was hiking in the woods I decided to take a trail I had never been on before.  There is always something a bit unnerving about exploring a new trail in the woods.  You don’t know what to expect or even where the trail will lead.  I thought that was a perfect metaphor for life, at least my own.  There are so many times that I continue to travel the same old comfortable trails because it is safe.  It is always exciting when I have the courage to take a new path.

On this same journey I encountered a young deer.  We stood and looked at one another for the longest time.  I kept myself as still as I could manage.  I was aware of how I wanted to fidget and move and just continue walking even though I was blessed with this opportunity to commune with this gentle creature.  I was imagining that the deer and I were deep conversation with one another when I noticed it craning its neck to look behind me.  I thought it was another walker out in the woods enjoying the fall day.  When I turned to see what it was I saw another deer only a few feet behind me on the trail.  As soon as I turned both deer bounded away. . .

Della is an intuitve teacher and a psychic healer.  Please visit her website to find out more about the services she offers.


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