I Changed Through BreathWalk


This morning I awoke with a bad case of sad.  I lingered awhile in it and tried to figure out why I was sad.  Nothing significant came to me and then I realized trying to “figure it out” wasn’t the best course of action I could take.  I tried to work the sad out in my yoga practice and it still hung on tightly.  It wasn’t until I went for my morning walk that things started to clear.  I usually call a friend and chat when I walk in the mornings but I knew that this morning I needed to do something different.  I changed my regular walk into a breathwalk and that was the magic bullet that shifted my mood.

“In addition to every benefit of aerobic exercise, Breathwalk gives you choice. Choice over mood. Choice over energy level. Choice over mental state.”

I’m glad I remembered this yogic tool.  I’m also glad I made the choice to use it.  We can have access to all the tools in the world but if we don’t choose to use them . . . 😦




4 thoughts on “I Changed Through BreathWalk

  1. I loved what you said about realizing that trying to figure it out was not going to be the way! How many times have I tried to figure things out when a brisk walk of any kind would do the trick? When we change our physical state our mental state also changes. Thanks again for your timely insight 🙂

  2. You have a way of sharing yourself that never fails to resonate with me in some way, sometimes in very important ways! You are a wonderful teacher and guide. Blessings to you on your journey!

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