A Perfect Creation

We come into these forms of flesh and bone and are immediately caught up in the limitations of the body.  As babies we are completely helpless.  We start out knowing our perfection and then all that knowing is compromised from our first breath.  No wonder we are constantly telling ourselves in one way or another that we are not good enough.  In the deepest recesses of our being we know we are perfect and then everything around us tells us that we are not.

How do we get back to that state of knowing our perfection within the confines of the human body?

I recently injured my back.  This has been a problem that has plagued me on and off for about five years now.  One of the insights I’ve had is how I am not supporting myself.  The lower back is associated with the first chakra which holds the energy of safety and security, grounding and support.  When the first chakra is out of balance lower back issues can result as in my case.

I could never quite wrap my mind around how I wasn’t being supported in my life in relation to my back pain.  Everything around me suggested that I was.  So, why was my back still “bothering” me?  Standing in the check out line one day waiting for my turn I started to observe my thoughts.  I was astounded at how negative towards myself I was.  I was constantly telling myself that I wasn’t good enough in one form or another.  My diet wasn’t perfect, my yogic practice wasn’t perfect, my body wasn’t perfect, and on and on . . .

Here I was not being supportive to myself.  I finally got it!  It wasn’t the Universe that wasn’t supporting me it was me who wasn’t supporting me with all of my thoughts of imperfection.  There is a part of me that knows without question that I am a Creation of Perfection.  I think that is where my struggle lies.  I know this yet I don’t know it in this form I inhabit.  This beautiful illusion that we live in makes it pretty darn hard to lift ourselves out of these thoughts of duality.

Where to go from here?  I really believe that awareness if the first step to freedom.  We’ll see where this awareness takes me.


P.S. – I have learned to recognize that pain is the method my body uses to communicate to me that something is out of alignment.  I also know that the majority of my physical pain starts with a mental imbalance and then works its way into my body.  A perfect example is my thinking negative thoughts and those thoughts then showing up in my body.  This time it was my back.  Where the pain shows up give me clues as to where to look for the mental imbalance.  In my case my lower back (support).  How I learned about this type of investigation is through the work of Louise Hay.  She has a wonderful book entitled, You Can Heal Your Life.  It is a great resource for healing.


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