Intuitive Living



Today I lived my life very intuitively.  I tuned into my being before each task in front of me and sometimes was delightfully surprised by the Guidance.  I took a nap and bought chocolate (that I didn’t eat!).  I walked in the woods and took photos of the signs of Spring.  I worked and accomplished everything that needed to get done.  I did not rush the day or judge myself harshly.

I recognize how more compassionate I am with my self when I practice intuitive living.  I am often very hard on myself when I don’t meet the expectations of my mind.  When I live from my mind I often set myself up for failure as I fall into rigidity around my diet or exercise.  Today was a very balanced day which is quite unusual for me.  I tend to swing to extremes.  There were no extremes today only gentleness and kindness to myself.  For all these things I am so grateful.


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