Creativity vs. Spirituality: Is There a Difference?

d65be175-d16a-49e7-ae4f-51dcd5d73d0f_zps255ae01eI was reflecting on the topic this morning of how painting is my church.  The act of creating something connects me to Source like nothing else can.  That got me thinking on how all acts of creativity can be spiritual but not always are.  When I cook and I am not present I am no longer connected to my Self and therefore my Source.

When I paint I am so excited to see how the paint is going to lay on the canvas and how the colors are going to meld together that I am mindful of every brush stroke.  I paint very intuitively.  I really have no idea what I am doing.  It is a total act of trust and allowing.  Being in that Divine Flow lifts me to a state of Ecstasy that I am unable to get to while practicing mundane chores like folding the laundry.  I know that it is possible to bring that Ecstasy into these tasks but I haven’t gotten there yet.

I am excited by this train of thought because it helps me to see how so much of my life is a creative act and therefore am connecting to my Source more than I even realize.  When I cook and eat mindfully I connect to Source.   When I dance and walk in the sunlight mindfully I connect to Source.  When I practice yoga and take photos mindfully I connect to Source.  The key for me is to remember these things.  To bring mindfulness to everything I do will deepen my connection to Source.  Even folding the laundry is a spiritual experience once I bring mindfulness to it.

Della McGee

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7 thoughts on “Creativity vs. Spirituality: Is There a Difference?

  1. I couldn’t agree more! When I’m “in the zone” regardless of what I’m doing, it’s a connection to my Source and I believe wholeheartedly, that is indeed my Spirituality at its finest!

  2. Resurrection

    The end of its cycle drawing near,
    the Phoenix builds its nest,
    gathering up twigs from each place
    its journey has taken it,
    mementos, both loved and loathed.
    It’s last will and testament,
    to ignite the nest, and surrender to the flames
    in the funeral pyre of its own memories.
    All is reduced to ash, Bird and nest.
    But the lingering warmth of the ashes rises,
    swirls into a vortex of spinning air,
    gathering the hot ash, an ember coalesces,
    like hot dust from whirling spindle and socket.
    From that glowing ember, a new incarnation is born.
    Purged of all dross, the Phoenix resurrects,
    takes flight, free of the fetters of its past life,
    And begins a new cycle.

  3. Reblogged this on Della McGee and commented:

    I wrote this blog a few years ago and still feel the same today. The only change I would make is to add my definition of Source. To me, Source means Presence that dwells within every living thing. This Presence is reflected back to me in all that I see.

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