Do The Next Right Thing

nextrightthingWhen I first sobered up twenty some years ago I went to a lot of A.A. meetings.  When I didn’t know what to do with myself it was suggested I “Do the next right thing.”  Over the years when I would find myself at loose ends or not know what the next step was I would call upon this saying.  It always helped me move forward in life.  Sometimes the next right thing is brushing your teeth or taking a nap.  It always helped me get back into the present moment.  From that next right thing I could go on to the next.  It helps me to take care of myself in a deep way.  It eliminates doubt and confusion as it keeps life simple and focused.

What is your next right thing?

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One thought on “Do The Next Right Thing

  1. Wonderful post. This falls under the category of: “Sometimes it’s the simplest advice that is the most profound.”

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