Sugar Free Me! 7 Days Done

SugarFreeDay 1:  Easy Peasy!  Except for my hot flashes got more intense.  Hmmm.  Detox response after 1 day???

Day 2:  Experiencing a lot of anxiety mixed with intense sugar cravings.  Argh!    Could any of this have to do with the Kundalini Yoga Liver Kriya I’ve done 2 days in a row?  I could be stirring up a lot of “stuff” with the yoga.

I have noticed that my blood sugars are more stable though.  🙂

Day 3:  I wandered around the co-op today looking for sweet alternatives.  I couldn’t find much.  I bought some coconut crystals for when my 7 days are up.  What I’m really missing is a hint of sweet in my tea.  I usually put maple syrup in to sweeten my tea.  When I compared the grams of sugar between the two I discovered quite a difference.  The coconut palm sugar is significantly less in sugar grams.

I’m finding that I’m a bit pissy about how stable my hypoglycemia has been since I’ve stopped sugar.  It means that I have to be very conscious about what I put in my mouth from now on.  I can’t just indulge in a chocolate bar without some consequences.

Day 4:  I had a 10 hour work day today so was distracted from how much I wanted to indulge in something sweet.

Day 5:  I’m discovering that I am not addicted to chocolate like I thought.  It’s all about the sugar.  I haven’t craved chocolate after the 2nd day at all.  What I’m missing is my sweet tea.  I’m not thinking about anything else sweet.  There is something so nurturing about a hot cup of tea with cream and sweetener of some kind.  It feeds my soul.

Day 6:  It’s getting easier.  Not thinking much about needing sweet.  I did notice my uptake in consumption of carbs in the form of starches.  I did some research and discovered that those starches get converted into sugar pretty quickly.

Day 7:  Today I’m at peace.  This experience showed me that once the physical and psychological addiction abates that I can think more clearly and consciously about how I consume my sugar.  Gone are the days that I can practice an all or nothing plan of eating.  I need balance not deprivation.

In the end taking sugar out of my diet had no impact on my hot flashes.  It did have a noticeable positive affect on my blood sugars for which I am grateful.  I feel like I can restart my commitment to self as a result of doing this.  Thanks for going along for the ride.  🙂

Blessed Be,


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