How I Found My Breath

POS-000003-1After the death of my brother I lost my breath.  I stopped breathing because that is what one does when they are in grief.  Very counter intuitive, I know, especially for a yoga teacher.   I would find myself over and over not breathing.  When I would try to breath It was a laborious effort that was almost painful.  The other night, in one of my Psychic Salons, I gave one of the participants 11 minutes of Gurupranam to do as a daily sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  As I was giving her this message I felt intuitively that I needed to try this practice myself.

The next morning I did.  I got into position (see image above) and I started to breathe.  It wasn’t a breath I even had to think about.  It came long and deep all on its own.  I could hear the sounds of the ocean in my breathing.  I’ve never been able to breath this way without thinking about it before.  In this posture the breath came naturally.  11 minutes went by in the blink of an eye.  I came out of the meditation feeling refreshed and energized.  Also, not something that has come easily in the past few weeks.

Since then I have taken this on as my personal daily practice.  Come into the pose by starting in child’s pose.  Bring your forehead to the floor and extend your arms out above the head.  Bring the palms together to touch in prayer pose.  You can open the knees as wide as you need to find a comfortable position.  Feel free to put a blanket or pillow under your forehead if you find it is hard to touch your mat with your forehead.

This practice has many benefits.  It naturally brings you into a long deep breath.  When your forehead connects to the earth you stimulate your pituitary gland and your chakra of intuition.  Sitting on your heels stimulates your digestive and liver meridians.  It is a restorative pose in that it relaxes the inner organs and releases tension in the shoulder, neck and spine.  Try it for yourself to see if this posture is for you.  I have been practicing in the morning when my body is at its most inflexible.  I do some gentle stretching before I move into Guru Pranam.  It warms up the body and prepares me mentally and emotionally for the meditation.


3 thoughts on “How I Found My Breath

  1. Thank you for posting this. How do you always seem to know exactly where I’m at and what I need? I’ve been realizing recently that I probably seldom breathe deeply. This should help a lot!

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