Moon Journal: Embracing Change


I’ve started a Moon Journal to reflect on my process as my body shifts into menopause.  The process really started full force at the beginning of this year but I don’t believe I was ready to write about it until now.  My cycle has been “off” since then and I have struggled with all the signs and symptoms that go along with the changes of my menstrual season.

I decided to create a journal to record my journey along the way.  I thought it may help me be in a place of acceptance instead of the battle I’ve engaged in since this all began.

I knew the process had begun when I started having hot flashes back in January.  They lasted continually for about 6 weeks and then they disappeared.  My period stopped for 74 days before I bled again.  Then within two weeks my moon came back with a vengeance seeming to make up for all that it had previously missed.  Once again I am waiting for my blood to flow at day 36.  My body is bloated and heavy with the water I am retaining.  This is a new experience for me as I have never retained water on this level before.

photo-1This is my journal.  On the inside of the front cover is the image at the top of this post.  She is entitled Embrace The Moon.  The moon is constantly changing and a woman’s body is reflective of the moon.  That is how I feel about the process I am undergoing.  I need to embrace the changes going on in me otherwise this will be a miserable experience.  I picked up a blank artist’s book at Michael’s and some stickers to make it pretty.  I thought if I created something beautiful to write in I would more likely do so.  I want to get some pretty pen’s to use in it as well.

My intention with this blog is to share my experience but to also share what is supportive of that experience.  One of the best books I have found on this topic is the New Menopausal Years by Susun S. Weed.  I have combed through her pages over and over in the past few months.  One of her main messages is that this is a time of initiation.  I am birthing myself into a new Woman.  I am looking forward to meeting her (me) along the way.


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