What Is Decording?


Have you ended a relationship, yet are still constantly thinking about the other person?

Has a telephone conversation with a friend left you exhausted?

Do you avoid a family member or work associate because they bring you “down”?

These are symptoms of negative energetic attachments (cords).

When I was in my twenties I met someone who I ended up having to decord from.  The first time I saw him I felt a deep connection.  He unfortunately did not have the same experience with me.  My logic told me I needed to let go of this fantasy but I couldn’t seem to.  Somehow I knew traditional therapies would not help me.  I went to a psychic instead.

This wonderful woman taught me a process called decording.  I decorded from this man and was not bothered with the obsession again.  It was during the process that my psychic gifts appeared.  They were buried deep within myself waiting for an opportunity to come forth.  Decording is what awakened them.  Not everyone will have a dramatic response like I did.  You will find a freedom that you may not have known existed before though.

Each of us connects with one another on an energetic basis every time we interact.  When we smile at someone we meet on the street we energetically connect.  Those connections are loving and do not affect us in a negative way.

When we are in deeper relationships we connect energetically as well.  When the relationship has dissolved physically sometimes those connections stay intact and they start to drain us, especially when the other person becomes abusive.  Sometimes the relationship is a child who keeps taking and taking.  You may not want to end that relationship but you want to change the dynamics of that relationship.

With the process of decording you can:

  • find relief from haunting thoughts
  • reclaim the energy that may have drained you
  • reestablish healthy energetic cords with those you are still involved with

Please consider coming to Della’s Decording Workshop on Friday, May 17th.  Click here to register.

For a full picture of Della’s healing services visit her website at www.innerpeacemovementstudio.com


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