Let Go Of The Plan

colourful-quotes-waiting-Favim.com-360085A few days ago Guidance spoke to me and suggested I let go of my plan.  I plan everything.  The plan makes me feel safe and organized.  The plan creates stress and anxiety.   I decided to experiment with letting go of the plan.  I do make a list of things I would like to do in a day.  But I decided if I forgot to put something on the list then it wasn’t that important.  I also decided to let go of how and what it looks like to carry out the tasks on my list.

So far, the experiment has been very liberating.  I’ve followed my day according to what feels right.  I do have a job that has a schedule.  It is a given that I need to be responsible towards my commitments to others.  The rest is a free for all.  There is a bit of fear around letting go in this way.  What will happen if every aspect of my life isn’t controlled?  What has happened so far is I feel more rested and more at peace.  I will continue to experiment with letting go of the plan.  I can always go back to they way things have always been . . .


2 thoughts on “Let Go Of The Plan

  1. I so envy the ones who can let go. I try to and can do it for a few days and then without realizing, I fall right back into that planned habit of planning and structure that creates such anxiety and stress. It’s a feeling of self sabotage. The need to plan and control is a sign of no control.

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