40 Day Kindness Challenge – Day 13

aura_version31aura2I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written.  I have felt stagnate and uninspired these past few days.  I was hoping this kindness practice would catapult me to joy and that has not happened.  I do realize that anything that isn’t joy has to come up to the surface to release first.  And, some of that has happened.  Yet, the last few days I have been a bit tired and listless.  I could be the extreme cold.  It could be the alignment of the planets.  It is more likely that this is all part of the process of realizing the kindness within myself.

Kindness Tip

This morning, during my favorite ritual, taking a bath I did a chakra balancing exercise.  I go through each of my chakras, putting my hand on the place on my body where they live, and invite them to balance.  I say “balance” and visualize them as so and then move up to the next chakra.  I had to do this several times through before I felt the shift in my energy field.  Here is a pdf I created to give you a better understanding of the chakras.

Chakra Spreadsheet

It will help you to find each and give you tips to balance them.  I encourage you to work with the chakras when you are feeling a bit off and see what positives can happen.  It is from that place we can find our kindness.

Sat Nam,

Della McGee



One thought on “40 Day Kindness Challenge – Day 13

  1. I’m convinced that the ups and downs are just part of the human experience. Not something that we’re ever going to completely get away from. But knowing that the up times will be back and that I am okay even if I’m in a low period Has been very helpful. I watched a very cool movie the other day- it’s called I AM. I learned that I really can change the world just by being kinder to myself and others. it was stuff that I already knew but they put in a different way and I really got it this time. Peace

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