40 Kindness Challenge – Day 8

080904-no-tv-02Kindness Tip

Even before I started the 40 day Kindness Challenge I stopped watching television.  It was starting to drain me energetically and I wasn’t making the highest choices in television viewing.  My favorite shows were crime dramas.  Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, CSI, & NCIS.  None of the these shows are about kindness.  I would get sucked into a show and then my evening would be over as I would want to watch another one.  It’s been interesting how I am no longer feeling energetically bombarded by mayhem and murder and the commercials in between that consistently tell me I’m not good enough.  My favorite commercials are the ones that tell me to take this pill and it will make me feel better but it may kill me in the process.

I’ve really started to look at all the ways I allow violence into my life.  Here I think I’m being a conscious yogi but my choices haven’t always reflected that.  During this challenge I have chosen to:

  • read material that is uplifting
  • watch movies that are inspiring or make me laugh
  • listen to mantra music
  • stay away from news by keeping my car radio on the classical station

In a few days of practicing this I have noticed the silence in my energetic field.  I know that sounds strange but that is what it feels like to me.  Silence.  I am not constantly fighting off the negativity I have subjected myself to.

I would love it if you shared with me your favorite movie that either inspired you or made you laugh but not at someone else’s expense.  What books have you read that did the same?  I have decided to read some old favorites myself.  Here are just a few titles:

  • Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Illusions:  Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach
  • Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
  • The Little Prince by Joann Sfar
  • Anything by Paulo Coelho

In Kindness,

Della McGee



4 thoughts on “40 Kindness Challenge – Day 8

  1. When I’m feeling the need to be uplifted and need a good laugh I tend to fall back on viewing these movies: Sister Act I & II, and I love all the Narnia movies. The baseline behind the message is spiritually based in hope, love and believing in something bigger than ones self.

    My music selections are a very eclectic mix. when I feel a need to be grounded and tranquil I turn to a few of my favorite CD’s:
    * Global Spirit composed by Karunesh
    * Untold Things, Jocelyn Pook
    * Vertigo by Jesse Cook.

    I am also a huge candle girl. Artificial light brings negative emotions to the surface in me. I feel anxious, nervous and angry. Soft ambient lighting ushers calm and peace back into my world. 🙂

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