40 Day Kindness Challenge – Day 3

morning-pagesKindness Tip:

Morning Pages

This morning I woke up with my mind racing with all sorts of unpleasant thoughts and feelings.  These thoughts in my mind caused me to feel like I wanted to jump out of my skin.  I was thinking that all these thoughts needed to go somewhere.  If they didn’t go somewhere they would stay in my mind and then settle in my body and cause dis-ease.  I remembered a technique from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.   The idea is to write three pages of stream of consciousness thoughts every morning before you start your day and thus open yourself to creativity.  This same technique could be used to get rid of any unkind thoughts I might be thinking, which in turn, could open me up for kindness.

Giving myself permission to write these thoughts keeps me from stuffing the thoughts back down.  In the past I would have an unkind thought and then tell myself I shouldn’t have those thoughts.  That would create this battle within me between my negative and my positive mind.  That kind of stinking thinking keeps the mind in charge instead of being able to come from a place of observation or neutrality.  It is from the neutral or observational mind that we can make conscious choices based on all the information from the other two minds.

My role in this challenge is to be the observer.  The mind is going to think both positive and negative thoughts. The mind was created to do just that.   When I engage in battle with my thoughts that keeps me from being the observer and blocks out peace and kindness.

Again, I invite you to share with me your own experiences with this challenge.  It is through sharing that we can learn from one another.  I for one have much to learn.

In Kindness,

Della McGee




One thought on “40 Day Kindness Challenge – Day 3

  1. I am just coming around to this awakening. I am starting to tell myself that my thoughts are not truth, they are not the authentic me. This makes it a little easier to take them less seriously.

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