40 Day Kindness Challenge

kindness1Be kind.  Be prosperous.

That is what I heard yesterday when our lead trainer (Elizabeth Greathouse) for YogaSoul’s  Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training mentioned a beautiful quote from Yogi Bhajan about kindness.  The quote was much longer and more eloquent than the one above but that is the only thing I heard.  I’d like to say that it was the kindness piece itself that got my attention but what it really was is the idea of more prosperity as a result of kindness that did the trick.  It intrigued me and made sense that practicing kindness in all aspects of life could bring prosperity.  I had actually never thought about it in that way before.  After the training I went home and got ready for bed and thought I’d really like to take the 40 day challenge she offered to be kind to myself in my thoughts and my words and to extend that to all living beings as well.

When I awoke this morning I lay in bed and started to observe my thoughts.  When I was consciously thinking kind thoughts about myself and others I felt light and free.  As my thoughts started to wander I watched them move towards my belly.  I was placing my hands on my belly and noticing all the effects of childbirth still etched on my body.  My feeling of lightness turned into a heaviness.  My bright light that I had created earlier with my kind thoughts had started to dim with my thoughts of judgement and condemnation.

In that moment of observation I had an epiphany.  I was able to know and understand that the reason I am still having some issues with my low back is because of my unkindness to myself and specifically my judgement about my belly.

I am taking this challenge for the next 40 days.  I invite you to take this challenge with me.  My intention is to write about my journey with this practice.  I invite you to share your journey with me here or personally as well.  My email address is della@innerpeacemovementstudio.com

In Kindness,




12 thoughts on “40 Day Kindness Challenge

    • Jackie you make me smile. Yes, this is very hard. I realized today that its not so much that I don’t think the thoughts is that I change the thoughts to kindness once I catch myself. It made me very tired being so aware of what I was thinking throughout the day. I have quite a habit of mind wandering. 🙂

  1. Yes, I will take the 40 day challenge, I will go until Valentine’s Day. Something about this is really resonating with me. Kindness towards self as well as others.

  2. TT sounds like it’s going well. Sorry I missed class yesterday morning- woke up with a sore throat and headache- yuck!! Strength and Serenity, Jasmine Sidhe The Yoga Bridge – from Wings to Soar LLC An Integrated Approach for Special Learners 612-296-6449 http://www.wings-to-soar.com


  3. I would love to join you in this challenge as well, I had this rush of feeling through me when I thought of all the prosperity in my life that I had sabotaged by not being mindfully kind to myself and to others. Amazing work, thank you for sharing your thoughts Della!

  4. Love it .Great awareness by acknowledging your feelings in truth and light. Just saw the most wonderful video about this, so I’ll send it your way. I will also do this 40 day journey, thinking of us as an energic force will keep me engage with greater clarity. Thank you for sharing and inviting us along !!!
    Sat Nam, Sue

  5. I had given up on all New Years Resolutions because we all seem to set ourselves up for failure. However, I have held on to 1 and only 1 for the last 2 years. ‘Practice patience, be kind and compassionate to others. It has worked well so far. This year I’ve added ‘To always treat myself with love and care and banish all negative/destructive self-talk’. I may have a little more trouble with this one as negative, harsh self-talk takes on many forms and tends to sneak up on us when we least expect it. I am going to join the 40 day Kindness Challenge to assist me my journey to self love and tranquility! 🙂

    • Thanks for joining us Charlie! Our numbers are growing. I too am finding all the ways negative self-talk sneaks up on me. I have started asking myself the question “Is this kind?” Sometimes the answer is easy sometimes it’s a bit more challenging to discern. I read this great quote once. It said, “If in doubt, don’t!” So, if I am having doubts about whether if a thought or action is kind to myself or another it probably isn’t.

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