Decording: Healing The Ties That Bind

In every relationship we are in there are energetic connections that bind us to one another. When those relationships are healthy those bonds are loving and uplifting. When those relationships are unhealthy the psychic bonds or cords are draining and damaging to the very essence of our being.

Have you ever been on the phone with someone and felt exhausted after talking to them? Has a relationship ended but you still think of that person consistently? These are some of the symptoms of unhealthy energetic cords.

Decording is a healing process that helps us untangle ourselves from the energetic bonds we may have with people who are no longer healthy for us.   Decording not only works with personal relationships but also addictions, institutions and belief systems.

I was first introduced to decording many years ago by a local psychic.  I came to her because I was having obsessive thoughts about a man who I knew logically wasn’t for me.   He thought of me as a friend but was not as interested in me as I was in him.  I knew traditional therapy wouldn’t help me with this so I sought out a psychic.  She told me that I had many lifetimes with this man.  It was the “memory” of these lifetimes that was activating the obsession.  She taught me the process of decording and the obsession left.

Since that time I have used decording over and over again with many of my clients.  I recently have used it on addictive behaviours with myself and others (sugar!).  Again, not only can we decord from people but from institutions, addictions and belief systems.

Please feel free to contact me if you want your own personal decording session.  Check my website for details.  I am also teaching a workshop on Friday, November 23rd @ The YogaSoul Center in Eagan.  During this workshop we will:

  • Identify unhealthy connections
  • Learn tools that you can easily use yourself
  • Call back our power from those entities we are decording from
  • Gong meditation

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