Beauty Within

I very recently moved into a new home.  For the past 9 1/2 months I have lived with friends and have not had a space to call my own.  My friends very generously made me feel welcome but it wasn’t my home.  As a Cancer I need my space to feel safe and secure.  It helps me feel grounded.  A home base is essential for me to function well in the world.  I need to know I can go out into the world then come home to recover.

Today is day five of being home.  I have noticed a lot of anxiety coming up in the past few days so I journaled about it this morning.  This new home is the most amazing thing I have ever manifested.  My fear is that all this beauty I have around me will  somehow be taken away.  Will the owners change their mind about renting to me?  Can I continue to afford to live here?

I know these fears are not the Truth of how I live my life these days.  But I need to speak the fears to release them.  Otherwise, I hold onto fear in my belly and create from that place instead of a place of Joy.  Here is what my guides had to say to me in response to my fears this morning.

Rest my child.  All will be well.  You cannot be stripped of your beauty.  True Beauty is in you.  The Beauty you see without is but a reflection of the Beauty within.  What is in you cannot be altered, damaged or destroyed.  Beauty is eternal.  Aho!

Even though the words were few the energy behind them and the resonation of Truth gave me peace.  May you recognize your own Beauty this day.  Aho!

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