Soul Mates and Soul Retrieval

I find it fascinating when I get two or three clients who are experiencing the same lessons (opportunities!) that I am.  Usually these clients will show up right after I’ve had a big discovery of my own.  This time my breakthrough came after a session with a client.  During our session together my client experienced a healing with a soul mate of hers that helped me to heal a similar issue I had worked on for years.

This particular client needed help with letting go of a relationship that wasn’t evolving or moving forward.  Usually, we do a decording in these cases and that most often times takes care of the situation.  This client was different.  Once we got into the session I realized the similarities between my situation and my clients.  We both had a deep connection with men that was on a soul mate level. Neither one of our relationships were working yet letting go was difficult because the bonds were so deep.   During her session I was shown that along with a decording we needed to do a soul retrieval as well.

A decording is when we release negative cords that connect us to people.  These are cords that may have started out healthy but over time dissolved into something that no longer served the relationship.

A soul retrieval is calling back pieces of one’s self that may have left due to a trauma, abuse, accident, broken heart, etc.  In the case of my client and me we had actually exchanged pieces of our soul with our romantic soul mate partner.  No matter what we did we could not fully leave the relationship because of the soul exchange.  In my case, I had been on again/off again with this person for 14 years.  I had decorded and decorded and decorded . . . nothing would break our bond with one another.

In the session with my client I was shown how she was to call her soul back.  The process worked and she felt much relieved when we were done.  In my case, it wasn’t quite as easy.  I had to experience the process several times before I felt the bond release.  Once it did my whole perception of the relationship changed.   I could see how much I was projecting on to this person and what a disservice that was to him.

I still think of him every day but in a different way then I had in the past.  It is more the habit of thinking of him that is there and not the energetic connection that always seemed to pull us towards one another.  What I have learned through this process is that love is claiming our own power so that others can claim theirs.  And, sometimes, letting go of a relationship is the most loving thing a person can do for another.

Sat Nam,

If you resonate with this story and would like some help with decording or soul retrieval please contact me: or call me @ 651-270-9136


2 thoughts on “Soul Mates and Soul Retrieval

  1. The problem is there are still souls who are literally keeping their side of the soulmate contracts. They seek and indeed find their soulmates. They recognize their soulmates as such and woo. Their soulmates, however, are not interested. They may feel the familiarity and like their former soulmates, but they are not interested in having yet another intimate relationship with them.

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