Healing Through Colon Hydrotherapy


Since March of this year I have done an intensive whole body/mind cleanse.  First I had to clear my body of Lyme Disease.  That took three months.  Then I took a month to do a heavy metal cleanse and I am topping that off with a candida cleanse.

In January I received clear guidance that this was the year to heal my body on a deep level.  I had no idea the cleansing process would be happening on multiple levels.  A few weeks ago I was instructed by Guidance to add colonics to the cleansing regime.  I was even given that it would take 4 colonics over the course of 4  weeks to get my body/mind to level it needed to be.

I have been so blessed that Caring Hands has had most of the healing practitioners I have needed on this journey.  Judith, the owner of Caring Hands thought BrightStar would be the best fit for me as I worked with this healing modality.

At our first session, BrightStar asked me what my goals were around getting colonics.  I told her I wanted o release toxins from my body that were being stirred up by all the cleansing I had done the past few months.  I also wanted to release any “old” energy and/or beliefs that may have been stuck in my colon.

And, I wanted to let go of a relationship that I had been in and out of for the past 14 years.  The relationship was another old pattern that I wanted to finally be free of.

The first three sessions I had some release but I kept feeling that something was resistant to let go.  BrightStar was very supportive and assured me that it would happen when I was ready.  During the second session I had a past life memory of being someone who tortured their victims by disemboweling them.  This did not upset me as I believe we come into each incarnation to experience different aspects of Self.  That lifetime I apparently chose to experience cruelty by being cruel.  It is my sense that to have a fully “human” experience we need to experience being both the sinner and the saint.

The fourth and final session was the most profound for me.  I finally released all that I had held on to from the previous sessions.  My father, who is passed on, came into the session to ask for forgiveness for contributing to some of the health issues that started me on this journey to begin with.

At one point, an angel appeared at my right shoulder and touched me.  As soon as that occurred I had a significant release.  Towards the last release one of my guides assisted me by bringing me into a vision.  She brought me into the Womb Cave of the Great Mother.  It was there this guide opened up my belly and manually cleaned my bowel.  She then put everything back all shiny and new and sealed my belly back up.  It was at that point that I could really let go and I did.

It was at this point I felt empty.  I hadn’t experienced that in my other sessions.  I knew my guidance had been right on with having me experience four colonics to complete my goals of releasing on all the levels I had intended.

I highly recommend Brightstar of Caring Hands if you want to experience this healing modality.  She is both knowledgable and gentle at the same time.  She will help guide you through your own healing journey.


2 thoughts on “Healing Through Colon Hydrotherapy

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey Della. You have been an inspiration and a support during my own cleansing process. How are you feeling now that it has been a few days? Is your stomach still flat? What mental or emotional shifts have you noticed?

  2. I heard about Caring Hands several times and i thought of sending my mother there for a healing therapy but i wasn’t quite sure about it. You definitely helped me decide i’ll book with them right away.

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