Claiming Our Bellies – Claiming our Power

In my experience as a healer and as a woman we tend to disown parts of our self.  We especially disown that most vital part of our being – our belly.  Our belly is the seat of our power.  Our creative center is in the lower belly and our commitment center is in the upper belly.  When in balance these centers cause us to be a Force of Nature.  When out of balance we become insecure and powerless.  How do we reclaim our belly and our power?

I have used two tools to reclaim my belly and thus myself.

Guided Visualization/Energy Work.  I have what you would call a Rubenesque body.  At a size 8/9 I am neither fat nor thin.  I have beautiful curves when I’m feeling in my Power.  When I’m not, I feel unattractive and uncomfortable in my skin.   When I am distracted by my body image I lose my spiritual center.  When I lose my spiritual center I become powerless in my life.  Where do these body image messages come from?  The media are one source.  The media gives us a distorted and unrealistic sense of beauty.  In America the average woman is a size 14.  The average model is size 2-4 and many times even less.

How I’ve helped myself to heal this false belief is by going into meditation and looking at my belly through my intuition.  What I have found there is two-fold.  The first is that most of what I am feeling isn’t even mine.  This is a collective madness that women are holding on to in our society.  Once I realized that I was plugged-in to the collective I could disengage from it.  Just realizing this shifted it.  The second thing I found was an energetic attachment on my belly that was feeding off my insecurity.  This entity loved sugar and carbs!  I called on the Light to help me dissolve this entity from my energetic body.  Once this was done how and what I ate changed.

Yoga:  Yoga has been one of the most powerful tools in me learning to love my body.  Yoga teaches us to listen to our body in a profound way.  When we listen to our body we can love our body.  Yoga brings a stillness to the mind.  Within that stillness we can reclaim our Power.  When we claim our Power we claim our Beauty.

I now teach a class geared toward claiming our bellies once a week at the YogaSoul Center called Yoga for Core Strength.  It is a one hour class on Saturday mornings @ 10:00 a.m.  You can find these classes here.

If you feel you have a story similar to mine and need an energetic healing.  Please go to my website to learn more about the services I provide and how to contact me.

Blessings to you and your Belly,



5 thoughts on “Claiming Our Bellies – Claiming our Power

  1. I want to be a Force of Nature!!! Can you rig this class for a webcast?!! Thank you for sharing this powerful information Della. I never realized the upper belly was about commitment! I also want to comment on the collective madness you mentioned. Now is the perfect time for denouncing and transmuting these patterns passed on through our lineages and the collective suppression of the female. I love that you are offering others the opportunity to dissolve these patterns enabling them to reclaim their power as a group. Wish I could be there too!

  2. What always frustrates me is that as a yoga teacher you need to teach people how to breathe into their abdomen. Girls are afraid of inflating their belly and looking “fat”. We’re all so overly self-conscious….
    Thanks for posting this!

    • You are welcome! Yes, I have come up against the same thing in my classes. Once people get how good it feels to breathe deeply that begins to shift I’ve noticed.

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