Healing Lyme Disease – The Far Infrared Sauna

I awoke this morning with extreme fatigue and challenging joint pain.  As I am in the healing process my symptoms are showing up in all their painful glory.  This morning was exceptionally challenging.  I had to take the day off of work which I rarely do.  I slept for a few hours but nothing shifted as I attempted to start my day.  One of the most beneficial tools I have used has been the far infared sauna.  A local spa where I live has a sauna and I have gone to sweat out the little buggers for the past few weeks.  It has been one of the most helpful tools in my healing to date.  I will always come out of the box feeling better than when I went in.   Here is a very good article on Lyme & Sauna Therapy.

I highly recommend the far infrared sauna to anyone who is experiencing toxic over load, unrelenting fatigue, joint pain, etc.


Lyme Blog #1


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