Navigating Lyme Disease

Two weeks ago my naturopathic doctor diagnosed me with Lyme Disease.  I wasn’t going to share this publically as I did not want people to see me and hold a vibration for me as sick.  The reason I am telling now is I want to share my journey of Radical Self-Care.

I believe I’ve had this little bug for many years but because of my healthy lifestyle the symptoms were easily shrugged off.   I knew back in December that 2012 was the year of bringing my body to its perfect state of health.  Setting that intention late last year is what brought this dis-ease to the surface.  Starting in January my symptoms started to pile up one after another.  Before I was experiencing one or two that I could explain away as dietary or stress related.  Now there was too many to ignore so I sought help.  At first the diagnoses was a relief.  I finally knew what was going on.  Then I went into a bit of shock.  Why would I create something like this?

The cure:

Enter Teasel.  This pretty little flower has the power to eradicate Lyme from my system. What I didn’t realize was how painful the cure would be.  I have been barely functioning for the past two weeks.  I am only doing what I have to do to keep my business going.  This has been hard.  I am one of those people who never feels they are doing enough.  There has been tremendous guilt around what I am NOT getting done.  Yesterday I got to a place of surrender. I was able to let go of the guilt and just be in the moment.

While talking to a friend I was mentioning how much money I was spending taking care of myself.  She reflected back to me how I was demonstrating extreme Self Love.  I love how that felt!  For the first time I am truly demonstrating Extreme Self Love.  I am worth every penny I’ve spent on me.

My doctor told me yesterday that the bugs die off in waves and that I had another week of discomfort.  That gave me hope that I am on my way to my perfect state of health.

My next post will talk about my health care regime.

Sat Nam,



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