The Power of Intention – In a Yoga Class


Yesterday morning I went to a kundalini yoga class and the instructor asked us to set an intention for our practice that day.  I ask my students to set an intention as well but I don’t do it during my personal practice.  My intention during class yesterday was to experience presence and be powerful in my body.  It was the most amazing class!  It was a very aerobic and physical class.  I kept my focus on the power of my body and I was able to do all the exercises with grace and ease.

Later, I went for a hike in the woods and set the same intention.  I could feel the power of my body as I went up and down the forest hills.  This morning when I awoke I was a bit sore from all the vigorous exercise of the day before but I still felt the power in my body.  Why is this such a surprise?  I have been challenged for the past two years with a back injury.  I have made tremendous gains.  In the past if I had that much physical activity it would take me a week to recover.  I realize I have been separate from parts of my body, namely my back.  I have not put my full self in my body and as a result my body has never fully heal.

I do realize this is one experience and I need more research to come to a conclusion.  Yet, it gives me something new to work with.  I have become complacent in my back health.  I was beginning to think that this was the best I can do.  I was beginning to believe that I would forever have good days and bad days.  Why not believe I can have forever good days?  I want to play with this experience some more and see where it brings me.  I will keep you posted.

Sat Nam,



2 thoughts on “The Power of Intention – In a Yoga Class

  1. I totally agree ; when you’ve got a goal for the day – that you would like to meet – it helps you become more focused :))) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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