Detox – Day 10

Around day 5 of my Winter Detox I started to garner more energy.  My skin started to clear and I generally started to feel better.  I noticed a bit of sluggishness in my digestion and my knees still were hurting so I had my herbalist friend pulse test me for goat cheese.  Low and behold that was the offender that was giving me creaky knees.  24 hours after going off goat cheese I had a new spring in my step.

On Sunday I waited too long to eat a meal and ended up with severe hypoglycemia.  I was at church and wasn’t quite ready to leave so I had some trail mix.  I ended up eating too much dried fruit and it whacked my blood sugars into the stratosphere.  Dried fruit is a very concentrated sugar.  I think being off sugar then eating the dried fruit sent by body into sugar shock.  As a result, I’ve decided that dried fruit needs to go off my list as well.

I know this sounds like I keep taking things out of my diet and it may even seem like I’m depriving myself more and more every day.  I choose to think about it like this.  I’m bringing my body into balance by experimenting with what does and doesn’t make it feel good.

In the meantime, I’ve found some amazing foods that work wonders for me.  Chia seeds!  Who knew this tiny, tasteless seed could do such wonderful things for the body.  It is high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and balances my blood sugar.  I put a teaspoon on my oatmeal in the morning and my blood sugars stay balanced until lunch time.

A detox does not need to be a dramatic affair.  I use to give so much power to food.  Now I choose to take the role of observer.  I notice what is or isn’t working in my body and then I make an adjustment.  Once I take my “judge” out of the equation everything becomes much simpler.

Sat Nam,



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