Living In Flow

“We do without doing and everything gets done” ~ Ralph Blum – The Book of Runes

I woke up today with what my friend Maureen calls the Infernal To Do List!  I needed to write this blog post,  do my yoga, go for my walk, write a newsletter about changes in my business, and start getting ready my taxes.  Whew!

Of course, the very thought of all that To Do creates resistance which then creates anxiety in my system.  I slowed down long enough to ask myself what do I want to do now, in this moment?  The answer was to check my email.  My inbox had an email from a yogi which then inspired me to get on my mat for my daily yoga practice.  When that was complete I was ready for my walk.

Now as I write this I feel that To Do List shrinking a little at a time.  I feel more at peace when I take one thing at a time instead of getting overwhelmed with the All Of It.  When I do without doing everything really does get done.


2 thoughts on “Living In Flow

  1. YES! I am finding that if I choose to look at it as something rewarding, fulfilling, supportive, etc., instead of as drudgery as I normally do, it becomes rewarding, fulfilling and is supportive etc.! I feel like a new woman after a few days of practicing this! Also breaking my habit of getting on the computer first thing in the morning is another key! Love YOU! Productivity and on a cleanse! You GO Girl!!

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