40 Day Detox – Day 1

I can finally stop the feeding frenzy that I’ve been on for the past two weeks!  Why is it that I set up a date to start a cleanse then I eat everything under the sun before that date arrives?  My last hurrah was cheese pizza and it was yummy!

I have been unable to eat cow dairy, gluten products and sugar these past few years without consequences. Dairy hurts my tummy and gluten and sugar cause inflammation which makes me feel arthritic.  All my joints hurt when I eat these foods.  I feel sluggish and fatigued and lack any kind of positive motivation.  The Holiday’s are the hardest time of year for me to eat clean.  These offending foods are everywhere I turn and I have a hard time saying no when chocolate, also is around.

Chocolate in and of itself isn’t an offending food for me.  Most times chocolate is married with sugar and that is when it becomes a problem.  I will often put raw cacao in young coconut smoothies and feel completely satisfied with only positive feedback from my body.  My chiropractor recently told me that eating sugar once sets you up for craving it for the next three days!

Here is my detox plan:

  • No sugar except for a small amount of agave nectar.  Stevia and Xylitol are fine as well.  Sugar, in my world, includes:  cane, beet, honey, barley malt, brown rice syrup, etc.
  • No cow dairy.  Goat and sheep dairy have a different enzyme in them from cow and I have no problem digesting these forms of dairy.
  • No chocolate.  My exception is raw cacao and Yogi Tea Cocoa Mayan Spice tea.
  • No gluten.

I will include:

  • More raw fruits and veggies
  • Detox Tea
  • Supplements:  alpha lipoic acid, milk thistle, dandelion leaf, digestive enzymes, probiotics.
  • Daily exercise:  Kundalini Yoga Kriya to detox the body and a daily walk.

Kundalini Yoga teaches us that it takes 40 days to change a habit.  That is way I pick that amount of time for this detox.  I need to get off the sugar/gluten/dairy roller coaster once and for all.  I have done detox’s many times over the years and I always feel better when I’ve cleansed my body of what I know doesn’t support my health and wellness.  I would love 2012 to be a year where I don’t go back and eat these foods ever again.  I do not want to set myself up for failure though.  I will keep it to these 40 days for now and take one day at a time.

Sat Nam,



2 thoughts on “40 Day Detox – Day 1

  1. Perfect timing too! According to astrologer Elizabeth Jones (HealingWithTheMasters.com) astrology of the New Year is in total alignment for making changes (especially health related) and releasing old habits, addictions etc. The Key is to do it at least 4 days before Mercury goes into retrograde (which is March 12 2012).

    This will not even be a challenge for you girl! We have so many tools in our tool belt to get our needs met regarding healthy food. It will be fun creating new recipes so satiate our desires! I am very relieved to be cleansing too. I think choosing to see it as a loving and nurturing thing to do for my body, something that will raise my vibration and uplift me vs falling prey to looking at it as deprivation will be my key.

    (I’m thinking about abstaining from the cocoa, stevia, coconut mousse once my stash is done…jury is still out on that one!)

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