I Am That


I was talking to a friend yesterday, whom I hadn’t talked to in months.  We were catching up on each other’s lives when his voice suddenly changed.  Over the years I’ve begun to recognize when Guidance is speaking to me through others.  I’m not even sure if they are aware that their voice deepens and takes on a verbal clarity that wasn’t there before.

Robert started to talk to me about my healing work.  He told me that I was to start giving more readings to people.  I asked him what else was I to do that I hadn’t already done when it comes to marketing myself to the public.  That’s when he started talking to me about manifesting with the I Am.

I will often wait for the Universe to show up yet I won’t be a consciously active participant in its arrival.  It’s as if I forget that I am a co-creator with the Universe.  Robert was reminding that I Am That Tree.  I Am That Abundance.  I Am That Universe.

Last night I dreamed that I was graduating from a school program.  Instead of being excited about the next adventure in front of me I was consciously procrastinating leaving the school.  I was cleaning bathrooms and helping to cook meals.  I was lingering over good byes.  When I awoke I realized that I was doing the same in my waking life.  I’ve recently moved from my home of 16 years and am living with a friend for the time being.  My son is in college and I am unsure who and what I am at this stage in my life.  Through Robert, Guidance was reminding that I Am That.  It is time to stop watching my life and start creating it in a more conscious way.  I have created it all along.  Now it is time to be intentional with that creation.


2 thoughts on “I Am That

  1. Your writing is always so timely. I find myself in a very similar place, ‘childless’, and wondering what’s next and waiting for a ‘sign’ from the universe. As the song says – ‘Decide what to be and go BE it!”

  2. loved the comment “time to be intentional with creation” It is a great reminder that we need to get off the fence and create our authentic self….
    Create what you want with the greatest of intention, it is very timely with the year of transformation!!!1

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