Dancing The Divine

Several weeks ago I was teaching a Kundalini yoga class that had several minutes of dancing in it.  After class many of us hung out to chat about the transitions the entire planet is experiencing now.  One of the students asked what my spirit guide Grandfather had to say on the topic.

It is through dance that you can navigate these transitions more smoothly and gracefully.  Dance connects you with the Divine and therefore, yourself.  ~Grandfather~

Needless to say I have danced every day since.  I have found that through dance I feel more connected to the Divine Feminine.  I feel more grounded and centered in my physical body and I have more energy.  I have used dance to resolve lack issues and for spiritual guidance.  I visualize myself dancing in prosperity and opportunity.

Each day before I dance I ground my feet into the Mother Earth.  I bring my hands together into prayer pose.  I scoop my hands down to bring up Earth energy and then have my hands meet above my head to draw in the energy of Source.  I then bring the hands together above my head and bring them down at my heart space to merge the energy at my heart through prayer pose.  I do this three times.

I begin to move my body in which ever way it wants to move that day.  I use music that makes my heart sing and has a good rhythm to it.  I dance for about 20 minutes each morning.  To end the dance I once again ground my feet into the Earth.  I bring my hands back into prayer pose.  This time I send energy back into the Earth to thank Her for the dance and once again bring my hands back over my head to send energy back to Source.  I end by bringing my hands back into prayer pose at my heart space.

I have noticed a shift in how I feel in my skin as a result of dancing every day.  I’m more comfortable in my body in how it feels and how it looks.  I have struggled with body issues for years.  Those issues are dissolving through the dance.  Have you ever heard of a Goddess with body issues?  I embody the Feminine Divine when I dance.  That energy stays with me throughout the day.  Won’t you join me in Dancing the Divine?

Della is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Hands on Healer and Intuitive Counselor.  She is very good at what she does.  Contact her to schedule an appointment for a personalized message from her spirit guide Grandfather.  Click here for more info on her services.


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