Show Me The Money – Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a blog talking about my frustration that after years of hard work on my prosperity issues I am still creating not enough money in my life.  I invited you to share with me your ideas and personal experience around your own journey with this topic.  I got many helpful suggestions.  I realized as my day progressed that putting it out there on a social media network exposed my unhealed wounds to the light of day.  As a result, I noticed shame coming up around “not getting it”.  Today is day 40 of a Kundalini Yoga Prosperity Meditation that I have practiced daily.  These specialized meditations reach down deep into our subconscious and pull up that which is hidden.  For me, its shame that after all these years of hard work I’m still not managing to create the financial life I want.

I woke up this morning and I got it.  The entire day of shame and frustration yesterday and then asking for help is my meditation undoing that which no longer serves me.   My meditation is working!  I am getting it.  I’m getting the gunk out from deep in my subconscious and yesterday was evidence of it coming to the surface.  I am going to continue on with the meditation as long as its needed.  I am also going to take up some of my friends suggestions to go even deeper into myself.  I am so grateful for the support I’m getting from everyone around me.  Thank you!


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