Show Me The Money!

I’ve asked myself lately why it’s so hard to manifest money for someone who is following a path of consciousness?  I’ve done my work around childhood poverty and lack.  I’ve healed past lives where I chose to give up wealth in pursuit of the spirit.  I’ve torn and burned soul contracts I may have written before I came in that keep me limited financially.

I have no trouble manifesting gifts, and trips and abundance.  But that illusive, almighty dollar still escapes me.  I wish I could pay my bills by bartering for it.  I get massages all the time through that mode of exchange.  Maybe it’s because the form of money we have created on this planet isn’t real.  We have credit and currency that is backed by nothing but hot air.  How can we co-create something that doesn’t really exist?

Maybe that is the answer.  I’ve struggled to create something that I don’t really believe in.  There are many people out there who do believe in money and they are manifesting to beat the band.  It’s impossible to create when we don’t believe in something.  So how do I change my mind around this?  I would love for you to share your experiences around creating money with me.

Sat Nam,



2 thoughts on “Show Me The Money!

  1. Money is an energy in physical form. To manifest money you have to tap into its energy and open your heart to receiving it. You’ve removed so many of the blocks to opening your heart already. But you may still have some subconscious thoughts around money that prevent you from receiving it in the amounts you want. I can work with you on this if you like. I have a number of things I can suggest.

    But in general, to manifest you have to first understand that money is just another form of love. Other forms include joy, health, physical energy, friendship and relationships. Prosperity takes so many forms. When you are having trouble in one of these areas it seems all the others are challenged as well. They work together like a system. So the most basic place to start manifesting is to be consciously grateful for love in all it forms as it comes to you. Every penny, smile, hug, attention. Gratitude is the key. Without gratitude one can never be prosperous because gratitude is the recognition and appreciation of one’s prosperity. According the A Course In Miracles, The Holy Spirit does not know the difference between a penny and a million dollars. So give thanks for every penny that comes your way and affirm your power of creation by saying, “More of this please!”

    One of the biggest blocks to manifesting that I have is when I try to hold on to money out of fear that there won’t be enough. This stops the flow. So another tool for manifesting is trust. Perhaps the greatest paradox of financial prosperity is trusting in the flow, because it requires a leap of faith which means that you give up your attachment to money and therefore stop valuing it. How can you stop valuing something that you believe you need? It’s challenging. You have to let go of trying to control it and give it over to the universal life force.

    A good first step to manifesting might be to get rid of everything you don’t love that you just have cluttering up your environment so that you are only surrounded by things that you do love. And then take really good care of the material things that you do have. I like to clean my car. When my car and house are clean I feel prosperous regardless of how much money I have.

    Finally, in order to truly be grateful and live in that conscious appreciation, it may help to get some perspective. Think about how much money you made last year. Was it $10,000? $20,000? More? Go to and enter in your annual income to see how you compare to the rest of the world. It’s easy to take for granted the prosperity we already have. In America the average citizen lives like Kings and Queens. If you really feel poor, a good practice for affirming that there is an infinite source of love and energy and money is to create a vacuum by giving some of what you have to a cause that affirms what you want more of in your life. I like to loan money to entrepreneurs in developing countries on to stimulate my own business growth. In fact, I’m going to go do that now. I hope this helps.

  2. I think it needed to be said. Many of us feel like that from time to time. It’s part of being human. Lucky for us, we know how to get out of that space quickly. And sometimes how we get out of that space is by ‘itching’ a little.

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