Conscious Eating – Day 1 – Starting Over

Failure does not exist. Failure is simply someone else’s opinion of how a certain act should have been completed. Once you believe that no act must be performed in any specific other-directed way, then failing becomes impossible.
– Wayne Dyer

It started out small, with just a snack at the computer in the past few days.  In my mind I told myself that this one time would be o.k.  Then it became another and another.  Sound familiar?  Sound addictive?  Conscious Eating has been one of the most difficult sadhana’s (daily spiritual practice) I’ve ever experienced.  The yogis say it takes 40 days to change a habit.  I made it just under 30 this first time around.  I was starting to feel very comfortable in my body.  My digestion was feeling healthy and strong.  My saboteur kicked in right around the time I started affirming that I was open to receive love in my life in all its many forms.  My saboteur knew one way to steal focus from my willingness to receive love was to start gaining weight.  Put the focus on feeling awful in my skin.  Unconscious eating is a great way to carry out that goal.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. ~William E. Hickson~

Along with starting over on eating consciously I decided to go on a 40 day television cleanse.  No stories on primetime television for me.  No Glee, no Castle, no The Closer.  My ability to get caught up in “drama” easily distracts me from myself.  When I get distracted from myself I forget my center and my commitment to consciousness.  So here I am starting over.


One thought on “Conscious Eating – Day 1 – Starting Over

  1. I have been vegetarian for quite a few years now but still eat dairy and eggs and even every couple of weeks I will try to have a little chicken but I find it hard and Im eating it less and less these days.I definitely think that eating meat again would give me a ton of more options when it comes to meal ideas but I just cant bring myself to do it. Im disappointed in myself that I have to make this change even though its for my own well being. Its an an extremely hard decision to make and Im really battling with it. Good luck and thanks for sharing.Ica7 months ago veggie girl i am not a vegetarian myself have tried it twice but found that it is not for me.

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