Art & Yoga – Day 2 – Chakra 1

Chakra:  Root

  • color:  red
  • element:  Earth
  • affirmation:  I am safe

Yoga Kriya:  Healthy Bowel System

There is grief here.  It is old and it is quiet.  I feel my connectedness to the Goddess in this image.  I feel the Ancients calling out to me.  Calling me home to myself.  Do not forget, they say.  Do not forget your Power.  Do not forget your Talent.  Do not forget . . . Your Self.  You are as old as the Earth Herself.  Your grief is Her grief.  Your joy is Her joy.  Come back Home and be Free.

What a powerful message to myself!  It is so easy to forget who we are in this world we live in.  We are so busy and easily distracted from ourselves.  The message today is – Never Forget!  Even better – Always Remember.


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