Conscious Eating – Day 9

We over eat not because we enjoy food too much, but because we do not enjoy it enough! – Charles Eisenstein


Practicing presence while eating has been an interesting experience so far.  Has it already been nine days!  It has gone so fast.  Every day and every meal I think about turning on the t.v. or firing up the computer.  I always remember why I am doing this.  I want to learn presence while eating.  I also remember that when I put these practices out into the social networks and blogosphere like this I have a higher chance of holding my self accountable for my actions.

My mind still tends to wander when I eat so I gently pull myself back into the present moment.  I have noticed that I am actually enjoying my food for the entire meal.  When I would eat in front of the television I would notice the taste of the first few bites of my meal and then I wouldn’t notice any more.  An added bonus is that I am losing weight because of this practice.

My next goal is to practice reverence with my meals.  I will keep you posted!

Sat Nam,




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