Conscious Eating – Day 1

Today is the beginning of practicing presence with food.  I have tried it many times in the past but have been unable to succeed for more than a meal or two.  My intention this time around is to go 40 days of eating without distraction.  What does eating without distraction look like?  I will no longer eat meals while doing other things.  For instance; being on the computer, eating while driving, talking on the phone, reading, etc.

There will be some flexibility within this structure.  When I am sharing a meal with others would be one example.  I also want to give myself a treat day.  I love watching movies while eating popcorn.  Once a week I will enjoy this.

The purpose behind this is to practice presence while I eat.  I am hoping this will stop unconscious eating which leads to me over eating.  As I grow older I realize my body doesn’t metabolize food in the way it had when I was younger.  It has been harder for me to support a healthy weight even with all the exercise I do.

As I have explored my reasons behind this difficulty of me being an unconscious eater I have come up with one glaring theme.  Boredom.  It’s boring to eat alone!  Most of my meals are taken alone.  These distractions I’ve engaged in while eating kept me from being bored.
I will happily bring you along on this journey of consciousness.  It will definitely be interesting to see how these next 40 days unfold.

Sat Nam



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