Crazy Cabbage Saute


1/2       red onion, chopped

1/4       head green cabbage, chopped

1/4       head red cabbage, chopped

1 c.       kale, chopped

1/4       vegetable bouillon cube

1 tbs.    nutritional yeast

1/4 tsp  smoked salt

Saute red onion in 1 tbs. olive oil until carmelized.  Add 2 tbs. water and the bouillon cube.  Allow the cube to dissolve and then add the cabbage.  Allow that to cook down for several minutes and then add the kale and nutritional yeast.  Mix all together and add smoked salt.  Cover and cook until cabbage is translucent and kale is soft.  Add smoked salt to finish off the dish.

*These measurements are guesstimates.  I usually just throw as much in a pot as “feels” right.  To change the flavors of this recipe skip the nutritional yeast and the smoked salt and add balsamic vinegar and braggs amino acids to taste.


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