40 Days of Bound Lotus

I have recently come back to Bound Lotus after experimenting with it on and off for years.  I had stopped in the past because the practice would hurt my knee.  This time around I approached things differently.  I began by going to the Bound Lotus website and watched the video that Mahan has posted there.  She emphasized that she uses a pillow under the knee that is on top.  I tried that and it has made all the difference in the world.  I also gave myself permission to not get into the full posture until I was ready.  I even went so far as to give myself permission to never get into the full posture if it was too much stress on my body.

With these allowances I began my practice very slowly and gently.  I started off at 3 minutes per side and have progressed up to 15 minutes total.  I use many pillows as I need them as every given day presents a different opportunity to practice patience.  I make sure to warm up thoroughly before I even attempt the posture.  My experience this time around has been profound.

I began this practice again because I was experiencing a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual pain.  Bound Lotus has always been able to bring me to a place of stillness that I have not been able to reach with other meditations.  I knew that in the stillness I would find guidance.

Each day of practice has brought a new piece of information for my healing.  My first message suggested I look at Candida Albicans as a source of my physical symptoms.   I started a candida cleanse and that brought me to a heavy metal cleanse as well.  The first 20 days were excruciating with all the detoxing that my body was experiencing.  Once I came out the other side of the detox I started to feel better than I have in years.

In the past few days my knee has started to act up again and I am back down to 3 minutes per side.  I have even had to use a chair to rest my head on instead of pillows.  It is my hope to continue on with this practice.  If I am unable to due to physical limitations I am at least grateful for the experiences I have had in these past 40 days.

Sat Nam



One thought on “40 Days of Bound Lotus

  1. To heal what should not be endured, and to endure what can not be healed, stay with the practice, but always practice in a spirit of patience and love

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