Food Is Not The Enemy

“We teach what we most need to learn” – Richard Bach

As I prepare for my Conscious Weight Loss workshop this month I find myself struggling with what to eat and what not to eat.  When ever I am about to teach a specialized workshop all my issues around that topic come to the surface to heal.  I have had an on again off again love affair with food for the past several years.  Through the years I have taken sugar, soy, gluten, meat, and dairy out of my diet.  These foods cause pain and inflammation in my body.  I have included back into my diet meat when my body requires it though

It has come to the point where every bite of food includes a question mark at the end of it.  Will this cause my body pain?  As I was practicing my bound lotus meditation this morning I asked myself if there was anything I needed to know about improving my diet?  Just as I was unwrapping myself from the posture this message came through.

“Food is not the enemy” – Della’s Wise Self

My guidance was telling me that my thoughts about what I’m eating is causing me the struggle I am in.  I know that sugar, wheat and dairy are not my friends.  I have no intention in indulging in these except on rare occasions.  The point is that when I decide to eat something to have joy in the experience.  Love every bite.  If my body doesn’t like what I have eaten then I know not to make that particular food choice again.

So, there you have it.  Love.  Every.  Bite!!!


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