How To Get More Raw Foods In Your Diet


With the change of the seasons and the warmer weather my body is guiding me in getting more raw foods into my diet.  Foods in their natural state (uncooked) are a great way to get the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.  They are also packed with digestive enzymes.  When foods are cooked to over 118 degrees the digestive enzymes in the food are destroyed by the heat.  The body then has to work harder to digest cooked food.  The energy used for digestion could otherwise be used for living.

I am an Intuitive Eater.  What that means is that I listen to the messages that my body is sending me about what it needs to be nourished.  The message with the warmer weather is to eat as much raw food as I am hungry for.  For many years I would take drastic measures as to my diet.  I had a lot of rigidity around how I ate.  During those rigid diets I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t for me.

For many years I have been off and on a vegetarian diet.  I have no moral issues around eating meat.  My family hunted and we ate what we caught.  We were also farmers and we ate what we grew whether animal or vegetable.  As I came deeper and deeper into my yogic lifestyle I wanted to be vegetarian for energetic reasons.  It is simply easier on the body to digest a plant-based diet.  What I found with being rigid about anything is that I always set my self up to fail.  When ever I claimed to be a vegetarian my body would then need meat to feel good.  I would often get so exhausted from not eating meat that I had to get some now!

These experiences have all brought me to eating intuitively.  What that means is that I now ask my body what it wants and needs to feel healthy and strong.  And then I feed it that.  Right now it is telling me to eat more raw foods.  I have had such fun with my dehydrator making cheezy kale chips and flax-seed crackers and grawnola.  Not to mention the beautiful salads and green smoothies I have consumed.

There is a lot of wonderful information out there about a raw foods diet.  This website is the best one I have found as Yuri Elkaim is not a 100% raw foodist.  I no longer can live with rigidity and be happy.  That is why I like Yuri’s website.  He is about 80% raw.  He is not opposed to going out with his friends and eating pizza once in a while.  He gives wonderful tips on why more raw food is good for you and how to go about getting them in you.  Here is the link to his website.  He sends out daily videos for free.  They are only a few minutes long and they are very informative.

I hope you enjoy getting more raw foods into your diet like I have.

Sat Nam,



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