Walking/Yoga Sadhana – Day 166 – Slowing Things Down

My body is in pain again.  On the outside it looks as if I’ve gone backwards.  My mobility is very limited these past few days.  My joints are swollen.  My back and hips hurt like they did 5 months ago.  I know this is an illusion.  I know this because I’m doing everything right.  I’m not over exercising or eating anything that causes inflammation of the joints.  My stress levels are up but who’s isn’t right now in the times we are living in?

I believe something deeper is going on.  The human race is transforming.  Our spiritual selves are evolving and this has a very physical effect.  The physical body is dense matter.  The spiritual body is a creation of light.  What is showing up in my body as pain is really the side effects of this transformation.

How do I navigate this transformation?  I slow down.  Right now I am only able to do a simple kundalini yoga set called the basic spinal energy set.  My walks are very slow and considerably shorter than what I have done lately.  I’m resting as much as I can and honoring my body in any way I can.  I know that this too shall pass.


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