Sugar Cleanse – Day 40

Woo Hoo!!!  I made it!  Today is day 40 of life with no sugar.  O.k.  O.k.  I’ll tell the truth now.  I did have a teaspoon of honey in some greek yogurt and a few cubes of a dark chocolate bar during the past two weeks.  However, I am still calling this a success.

What I learned:  I didn’t miss it!  I had so much fun eating fruit smoothies that I didn’t miss eating my regular sweeteners.  I thought for sure I would miss maple syrup and even as I write this there is a bit of a longing. . . yet I know that I will not go back into my old habits.  There is no need.  It was fairly easy to learn new habits of eating consciously.  This time.

I started looking at my diet seriously about 18 years ago after I had my son.  During my pregnancy I had become hypoglycemic.  That might be because I practically lived on Dove ice cream bars.  I couldn’t get enough of them.  After I gave birth the hypoglycemia stayed.  I ended up having to go to a nutritionist and learn how to balance my low blood sugar through diet.  I have been on this journey of looking for balance through my diet for a very long time.  That is why this time around taking sugar out of my diet was a fairly easy endeavour.  I’ve learned that it doesn’t serve me to look at my teaspoon of honey as a failure to keep my commitment.  It was part of the experience.  Did I enjoy they honey?  I loved it!  I didn’t need it though.  Sugar is no longer an obsession.   And. That.  Is.  The.  Point.

Sat Nam,



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