Walking/Yoga Sadhana – Day 120

It’s been 4 months today that I started walking and practicing yoga every day.  I’ve walked in freezing temperatures and falling rain.  I’ve walked in pain and I’ve walked in joy.  Every day has been different.  Some days my practice has been incredibly short depending on how I was feeling physically or the weather outside.  Some days my practice has been much longer as the sun has shone and my body has been strong.

My most important accomplishment is I have not judged myself for those days that my practice was little more than a few minutes long.  I find when I average all my time together I walk about a half hour every day and practice yoga for the same amount of time.  I wish I could tell you that I’ve dropped pounds in the past 4 months but I don’t know.  I don’t own a scale.  I find it’s too easy to judge myself by those numbers on the scale if they are not too my liking.  I do know I feel as if my body is changing.  I feel stronger and leaner.  And, today I feel joy.

Sat Nam!


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